De Gruyter and Brill confirm that they are making good progress on the preparations for the Offer. Reference is made to the joint press release issued by De Gruyter and Brill on 12 October 2023 in respect of the conditional agreement on a recommended all-cash public offer to be made by the Offeror for all the Securities in the capital of Brill at an offer price of EUR 27.50 per Security (cum dividend). Pursuant to the provisions of Section 7, paragraph 1 sub a of the Decree, which requires a public announcement with a status update on an intended public offer within four weeks after such offer is announced, De Gruyter and Brill hereby provide this joint update on the Offer.

Offering a novel perspective on historical notions of privacy and everyday life from antiquity to modernity, Brill launches the book series Studies in the History of Privacy. With this new series, the editors have created a home for the burgeoning field of privacy research, encompassing all historical periods pre-1914, as a result of the growing attention for privacy as an analytical framework from scholars working across the whole range of historical disciplines.

In Q3 Brill announced the intended offer on all shares of the company by Walter de Gruyter. The combination of two centuries-old publishing houses will be branded De Gruyter Brill, signaling the importance of the strong heritage and family background of both companies. The enlarged scale will accelerate the transition to new business models such as open access and finance investments in technology for end-to-end workflows and a state-of-the-art content platform. De Gruyter Brill will jointly publish well over 3,500 books and 800 journals per year.