The December issue “Canopy bridges for conservation: Case studies from around the world” of Brill’s Folia Primatologica is dedicated to the topic of canopy bridges. This special issue contributes substantially to the understanding of canopy bridges, including species' use of different designs, involved costs and materials, and effective and innovative monitoring methods.

On 28 September 2022 Brill announced the administration of its main distributor. This is to report on the progress since that date. On business interruption, we have acted rapidly to establish new fulfilment capabilities for both our journals program and for books printed on-demand. We are now working to further develop these capabilities and to recover stock stranded at the former distributor’s warehouse (Turpin). Renewals notices for our journals program have been sent out and payments are running slightly ahead of the same time last year. Revenues are developing in line with expectations. We are now capable of fulfilling the majority of our print titles: approximately 18,000 book titles and all of our journals are currently available on-demand. Our capability to sell our German and Austrian imprints, all individual e-books, e-journals and e-book collections, as well as other online subscription and outright purchase products remains unaffected by the change in distributor.

Brill is proud to announce that three Brill publications have made Choice magazine’s 2022 list of Outstanding Academic Titles. Selected by Choice review editors, the awarded titles are representative of Brill’s rich publishing program.