De Gruyter and Brill have joined forces to form De Gruyter Brill, a leading academic publisher in the humanities and beyond. To mark the occasion, a new corporate website has been launched today at

De Gruyter and Brill are pleased to announce that 51,071 additional Securities, representing approximately 2.72% of Brill's outstanding capital, have been tendered during the Post-Closing Acceptance Period that expired today at 17:40 CET. Together with the Securities already held by the Offeror on the date hereof, the Offeror will hold a total of 1,852,758 Securities, representing approximately 98.84% of Brill's outstanding capital.


Brill and De Gruyter are pleased to announce that Securities representing 96.12% of Brill's outstanding capital have been tendered under the Offer and that all other Offer Conditions have been satisfied or waived. As a result, the Offeror declares the Offer unconditional (doet gestand).