Brill and De Gruyter are pleased to announce that Securities representing 96.12% of Brill's outstanding capital have been tendered under the Offer and that all other Offer Conditions have been satisfied or waived. As a result, the Offeror declares the Offer unconditional (doet gestand).

Today, Brill’s extraordinary general meeting of shareholders (the "EGM") adopted all resolutions in relation to the Offer, including with respect to the approval of the Post-Closing Merger, the appointment of the nominated members to the Supervisory Board, the amendment of the Articles of Association and the grant of full and final discharge to the members of both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

From January 1st, 2024, Brill has significantly expanded Open Access opportunities for authors from Europe, Australia and the Middle East with multiple new Transformative Agreements. In addition, several agreements have been successfully renewed.