Chapter 9: Cave 4 Work Continues But is Stopped by the Suez Crisis

In: The Dead Sea Scrolls, A Full History
Author: John Allegro


1956 was a year of controversies and turmoil but a year of discovery and acquisition too. John Allegro became completely estranged from the Cave 4 Team, Cave 11 was discovered, Harding left what is there about these Department of Antiquities, and the Suez Crisis completely dispersed the team. For more than three years the resources of the Palestine Archaeological Museum had been focused on Cave 4. As for manuscripts, very little was found: only a few fragments inscribed with Paleo-Hebrew and a &t;Cigar-shaped,&t; black and brittle piece that was later identified as an Ezekiel scroll. On 26 July 1956, Egyptian President Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and all its assets, ostensibly in response to Western unwillingness to help in finance building the new Aswan High Dam.