Chapter 10: Regrouping After Suez

In: The Dead Sea Scrolls, A Full History


The year 1957 came in with a heavy weight of gloom for the Cave 4 Team. The project had suffered a double disaster: the loss of G. Lankester Harding in October 1956, and the removal of the scrolls to Amman in the face of the Suez War. Coming out of the war was a third disaster: the complete dispersal of the team, which would never again all be in the scrollery at the same time. It looked grim, and it was. The publication project never recovered from Harding's loss, and the government of Jordan started from this time forward to put roadblock after roadblock in front of the scrolls scholars. Still, they slogged on as best they could. The scrolls were stuck in Jordan and now they had been nationalized.