Chapter 11: The Last Cave 4 Scrolls

In: The Dead Sea Scrolls, A Full History


It had now been more than five years since Cave 4 was discovered in the autumn of 1952. The first Cave 4 Team members began working in 1953 and the entire team was constituted by 1954. Thousands of fragments had been examined and considerable order had been brought to the picture of Cave 4 manuscripts; then Kando decided to bring in more fragments; changing the Cave 4 situation once again. The Cave 4 Team has become considerably more proprietary and jealous of its publication rights. For whatever reason, there is so far no indication in the surviving records that anyone in authority fully grasped the necessity to expand the team or any inclination to do so if they did have a clue. To this day the &t;All Souls Deuteronomy&t; is among the most popular of scrolls in the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibitions.