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The primary goal of this study is to gain an understanding of the characteristic features and textual affiliation of 4QSamuela in order to discern its place in text-critical studies of the books of Samuel. In all analyses of this type, the procedures involved in text-critical evaluation are based on subjective reasoning. In the present study, a characterization of 4QSamuela is gained by a novel approach with respect to the scroll, namely a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of secondary readings in 4QSamuela with those in other major witnesses to Samuel (mt, gB, gL).1 The secondary readings to be evaluated and compared are organized and discussed in five categories: Textual Error, Linguistic Exegesis, Harmonization, Clarifying Exegesis, and Content Exegesis. As a result of this analysis of secondary readings, unique exegetical characteristics of 4QSamuela emerge, with implications for our understanding of the witnesses. Secondary readings are likewise examined in the other witnesses.