9 The Character and Interrelationship of 4QSamuela, mt, and G

in 4QSamuela and the Text of Samuel
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The synthesis of the results of the analysis of secondary readings in chapters 4–8 reveals the prevalence of exegetical readings in 4QSamuela, the prevalence of unique secondary readings in both mt and 4QSamuela, and the relatively frequent agreement of 4QSamuela with G. In addition, a few substantive examples suggest some contact of 4QSamuela with proto-MT. Notably, no support was mustered to assert a special relationship between 4QSamuela and GL. The independent development of 4QSamuela, reflected in its unique secondary readings, is key to understanding how it can be genetically related to G while at the same time being generally less reliable than G. 4QSamuela’s greater propensity toward exegesis, however, in no way implies that G or mt are free of exegesis. Literary development in the witnesses is considered in light of this analysis, along with questions about the relationship of Samuel to Chronicles.