10 The Place of 4QSamuela in Text-Critical Studies of Samuel

in 4QSamuela and the Text of Samuel
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Acknowledging that there remain many things we do not know about the books of Samuel, chapter 10 proceeds to further describe the 4QSamuela and the relationships between the witnesses with the construction and discussion of stemmatological diagrams. There is exegesis in all the witnesses, suggesting that an eclectic text-critical approach is necessary. In spite of its text-critical value and relatively early date, 4QSamuela cannot be described as an inherently more trustworthy witness than MT. Nevertheless 4QSamuela is a valuable textual source in an eclectic approach. Although some textual differences reflect literary development, these are isolated and 4Q’s text is not a distinct literary edition of Samuel. 4QSamuela has a genetic relationship with G that can be traced back to the OG, but roughly half of 4QSamuela’s exegesis remains unique, marking 4QSamuela’s independent development. It is proposed that agreements between 4QSamuela and mt reflect the influence of proto-mt on 4QSamuela as separate from the influence of proto-mt on GB and GL. This influence was possibly concurrent with increased nomistic scribal exegesis. The time in which 4QSamuela was produced can be seen to be one at the threshold of the period in which activities aimed at unifying textual traditions were initiated.