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This book is the result of my doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, Hughes Hall College. I am grateful most of all to my supervisor Dr Katharine J. Dell for her generous wisdom, council, encouragement and guidance throughout. Special thanks are due also to Dr Annette Schellenberg and Dr James Aitken for their invaluable comments and feedback as examiners, and to Dr Alison Gray for her sound advice and direction as interim supervisor. I am indebted to the Faculty of Divinity, the University of Cambridge Library, Hughes Hall College and especially to Dr Philip Johnston for his encouragement and guidance throughout my time in Cambridge. A special thanks to Dr Anselm Hagedorn for his kindness in sending forthcoming articles, and to Professor Nicholas Postgate and Alexandre Loktionov at the Cambridge Department of Archaeology for helping me track down a number of Akkadian and Egyptian materials. I want to thank the SBL and Shir ha Shirim conferences for the opportunity to present sections of this work and gain valuable feedback. I am also grateful to the many implicit conversation partners throughout this book, whose momentous works have touched a deep resonate cord and cultivated my understanding of the Song of Songs and wisdom. Thanks are due also to the series editor Professor Hans Ausloos and to Marjolein van Zuylen for all their time and help in the publication process. I am grateful to the many friends in Cambridge who made these years such a magical time, and to my family and especially my parents for their love and support. H – there are no words.