ContentsPreface: Brief History of Australian Theatre IXAcknowledgements XIIIList of Illustrations XIVList of Abbreviations XVINote on Sources XVIIIBrief Chronology XXIntroduction 1The Whitlam Era 1Cultural Subsidy in Australia 6Layout of the Book 13Accounting for Australian Theatre: Different Approaches 16Badiou and Truth 19The Origins of Alternative Theatre 23Alternative Theatre 23Two Moments 29The Paris Theatre 1978 38The Sydney ‘Scene’ 38The Paris Narrative 40The Paris Reviewed 52The Meaning of the End 55The Hunter Valley Theatre Company 1976–1994 64Steel City 64The Neeme Era 73Into the 1980s with Brent McGregor 78The Governmentalisation of the Arts 87Last Years of the hvtc 93The Group of Six 97The Meaning of the End 103Australian Nouveau Theatre (Anthill) 1980–85 108The No. 1 Tram 108In Search of a Company 114ant and the Event of Artaud 121Mignon’s Return 124ant’s Place in the World 129Australian Nouveau Theatre 1986–89 136From Triumph to Disaster 136Chekhov and Beyond: Integrating the New Wave Legacy 142Loss of Funding 147The Refusing Artist Accepted 157Australian Nouveau Theatre 1990–91 169The Ghosts of Emerald Hill 169The Company Reborn 172The Funding Game 177Australian Nouveau Theatre 1992–94 185The Move to Gasworks Theatre 185ant, Ruined 189Australian Nouveau Theatre: The Meaning of the End 201Internal Problems 201External Problems 203The Destruction of Fellowship: ant vs. Playbox 206Creative Nation: Culture with the Art Left Out 214Conclusion 218The Logic of Culture: The Fate of the ‘New’ 221The Post-Whitlam Era 225(No) End of an Idea 230Select Bibliography 233Interviewees 245Index 257

Australian Theatre after the New Wave

Policy, Subsidy and the Alternative Artist