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List of Illustrations VII
Notes on Contributors VIII
Introduction: Making Sense of Colonial Encounters and New Worlds 1
Daniela Hacke and Paul Musselwhite
Part 1 Cultural Encounters
1 Touching on Communication: Visual and Textual Representations of Touch as Friendship in Early Colonial Encounters 35
Céline Carayon
2 Mission Soundscapes: Demons, Jesuits, and Sounds in Antonio Ruiz de Montoya’s Conquista Espiritual (1639) 67
Jutta Toelle
3 Singing with Strangers in Early Seventeenth-Century New France 88
Michaela Ann Cameron
Part 2 Colonial Subjectivity
4 The Pain of Senses Escaping: Eighteenth-Century Europeans and the Sensory Challenges of the Caribbean 115
Annika Raapke
5 Color Visions: Perceiving Nature in the Portuguese Atlantic World 140
Marília dos Santos Lopes
Part 3 Structures of Knowledge
6 Colonial Sensescapes: Thomas Harriot and the Production of Knowledge 165
Daniela Hacke
7 Merian and the Pineapple: Visual Representation of the Senses 190
Megan Baumhammer and Claire Kennedy
8 “Delightful a Fragrance”: Native American Olfactory Aesthetics within the Eighteenth-Century Anglo-American Botanical Community 223
Andrew Kettler
Part 4 Colonial Projects
9 The Aromas of Flora’s Wide Domains: Cultivating Gardens, Aromas, and Political Subjects in the Late Seventeenth-Century English Atlantic 257
Kate Mulry
10 Exploring Underwater Worlds: Diving in the Late Seventeenth-/Early Eighteenth-Century British Empire 300
Rebekka von Mallinckrodt
Index 323

Empire of the Senses

Sensory Practices of Colonialism in Early America