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Tackling a monograph requires tremendous support, both practical and spiritual. Thanks go first of all to my supervisor Andrew Pettegree whose efforts have allowed me to write with a fluency and confidence that I never thought possible. Given the importance of digital data and computer software for my work, I am grateful for Graeme Kemp’s invaluable technical expertise which ensured I did not spend the last few years cutting and pasting. My thanks also go to Giles Bergel and his team at Oxford University who provided the digital version of the Stationers’ Company Register upon which I was able to build my database. I am also thankful for the helpful suggestions made by my examiners Jacqueline Rose and Adam Fox.

In studying things that no longer exist, nearly all my research was carried out within the confines of Room 10 in St John’s House. I am therefore eternally grateful to my fellow office mates Róisín Watson, Saskia Limbach, Jessica Dalton and Liza Deblock for their encouragement and their laughter, and especially to Jamie Cumby who made sure there was never a dull moment. Thanks also to my other friends and colleagues, both within the ustc project and in the wider School of History, for their guidance and cake.

Finally, enormous thanks go to my family, whose endless support and guidance has allowed me to overcome all and any problems with a smile and a song. Even though my Grandma never got to see the finished work, her indomitable spirit has provided me with all the determination I will ever need. Thanks go to my Mum who listened attentively while I attempted to explain the concept of my thesis, and always ensured that I stayed happy and healthy along the way. Special thanks also go to my Dad who, as my loyal proof reader, probably knows as much about the Stationers’ Company Register as I do.