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ContentsPreface IXAcknowledgments XIIntroduction 1Basics of Memento Mori 2From Art and Cultural History to Contemporary Documentary 4Features of Memento Mori and How Memento Mori Functions 10Levels at Which Memento Mori is Referenced by Documentaries 13A Rhetorically-Oriented Phenomenology Applied to Documentaries 16Composed Transformative Experience: Introducing Documentaries as Memento Mori 21The Program Ahead 26Memento Mori in Art and Literature 29Memento Mori in Art: As Symbol and as Picture 30Memento Mori as Religious Image 31Memento Mori as Still Life and as Portraiture 34Memento Mori as Visual Quotation in Art, Including Photography 37Memento Mori in Literature: As Verbal, Literary, and Ideational 40Memento Mori as Picture Nomenclature and Verbal Instruction 41Memento Mori as Reference in Literature: Verbatim and Ideational 41Memento Mori in Film and Television 52Charles and Ray Eames’s Powers of Ten as Memento Mori 56The Eameses as Designers of Experiences that Communicate Ideas 58Levels at Which Memento Mori is Referenced by Powers 60Symbolic, Verbal, and Ideational Memento Mori in Powers 61Memento Mori as Mortality-Index in Powers 62Memento Mori as Convention and Experience in or Related to Powers 65The Intellectually Transformative Point of Memento Mori Experience, Referenced by Powers 69Memento Mori as “Consciousness of Mortality” and as a Cultural Phenomenon 71Memento Mori is an Index of Death 71Memento Mori (in Any Form) Refers to Death 72Memento Mori Relies upon Consciousness, Memory in Particular 76Memento Mori is Also an Artificial Convention 79Memento Mori is an Artifice with a History or Cultural Genealogy that Relies upon Particular Social Reception 79Memento Mori Relates to Various and Specific Genres, Media, and Materials 83Memento Mori as Composed Transformative Experience 85General Aspects of Memento Mori Experience 86Intellectually, Ethically, and Affectively Transformative Elements of Memento Mori Experience 88A Contemporary Form of Memento Mori: Documentaries 90Ethical Memento Mori: Wim Wenders’s Notebook on Cities and Clothes 91Wenders as Contemplative Documentarian of Mortals 93Levels at Which Memento Mori is Referenced by Notebook 94Memento Mori as Symbolic, Verbal, and Ideational in Notebook 94Memento Mori as Mortality-index in Notebook 96Memento Mori as Convention and Experience in or Related to Notebook 99The Ethically Transformative Point of Memento Mori Experience, Referenced by Notebook 103Documentaries as Contemporary Memento Mori 108Documentaries Index Death 108Documentaries Also Rely on Convention with a Particular History and Function 114Documentaries as Composed Transformative Experience 119Documentaries as Intellectually Transformative: Determining and Distinguishing the Real from Irreal 122Documentaries as Ethically Transformative: Contemplating Appropriate Responses to the Mortal Condition 123Documentaries as Affectively Transformative: Moving Individuals into Distinctive Human Experience 125Levels of Analysis by Which Memento Mori is Identified in Specific Documentaries 126Quintessential Memento Mori Experience: Derek Jarman’s Blue 131A Word on Jarman as Ecstatic Seer 134Levels at Which Memento Mori is Referenced by Blue 135Memento Mori as Verbal, Literary, and Ideational in Blue 136Memento Mori as Mortality-index and Convention in or Related to Blue 138The Affectively Transformative Point of Memento Mori Experience, Referenced by Blue 142Personal Memento Mori: The Iconic 9/11 Footage and the Threat of Death 144The Viewer as Contemplative Seer of the Threat of Death 144The 12th of September, 2001, Comet Burger Diner, usa 145When Memento Mori Strikes Close 147Levels at Which Memento Mori is Referenced by the 9/11 Footage 150Memento Mori as Symbolic, Ideational, and Composed in the 9/11 Footage 151Memento Mori as Mediated Mortality-index, Indicated by the 9/11 Footage 154Personally Transformative Points of Memento Mori Experience, Referenced by the 9/11 Footage 159Realizing One’s Place as a Mortal in a Vast Cosmos 161“Making one’s life” as a Mortal in 21st Century “glocal” Society 162Moving One’s Self into Distinctive Human Experience 164Counterpoint: Memento Mori as Death Threat in Extremist YouTube Videos 164Conclusion and Future Prospects 171After Death in Documentaries 172From Memento Mori to Memento Vivere? 173Memento Mori in New Media Environments 176References 181Bibliography 181Archives and Special Sites 202Footage 203Filmography (Chronological) 203Index 206