In: Practicing Safe Sects
Author: F. LeRon Shults
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ContentsPreface XIHaving “The Talk” about Religious Reproduction 1Where Do Gods Come From? 2What are the Consequences of “Doing It”? 7Explaining the Nature and Nurture of Supernatural Conceptions 14The Mechanisms of Anthropomorphic Promiscuity 20The Mechanisms of Sociographic Prudery 32The Reciprocal Reinforcement of Theogonic Mechanisms 45The Anaphrodisiacal Effects of Science, Philosophy and Theology 63Bearing Gods in Mind and Culture 68Anthropomorphic Promiscuity and Sociographic Prudery 69Conceiving God 71The Fracture of an Illusion 74Talking to the Enemy 77Supernatural Selection 79The Philosophical, Psychological, and Political Significance of the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion 82Excavating Theogonies 86“Bearing Gods” in the Neolithic 87Burials, Bulls, and Proprietary Production 92Anthropomorphic Promiscuity at Çatalhöyük 94Sociographic Prudery at Çatalhöyük 98Theolytic Mechanisms in Science and Theology 102How to Survive the Anthropocene 108Climate Change, Cultural Cognition and “Religion” 109Homo deiparensis 115The Reciprocity of God-Bearing Biases 118Adaptive Atheism 124Can Theism be Defeated? 128Step 1. Leave the Cul-de-sac of Deductive/Inductive Arguments 131Step 2. Start at the Site of Alleged Religious Abductions 132Step 3. Don’t be Afraid to Pursue Retroductive Destinations 135The Atheist Machine 141Atheism and Schizoanalysis 142Theogonic Mechanisms: How Gods are Born(e) 146Monotheistic Memories: The Birth of (A)theism 150Deleuzian Social-Machines in Bio-Cultural Perspective 154Becoming-Atheist 160Theology after Pandora 162Bearing Gods in Mind and Culture 164Avatar Theology 167Evangelical Supernatural Agent Coalitions 170Iconoclastic Theology for Terrestrials 172Theology after Pandora (and Eve) 176Wising Up: The Evolution of Natural Theology 180The Sophianic Theo-drama Hypothesis as a Religious “Adaptation” 180Is the “Natural” Niche of Christian Theology Shrinking? 183The Evolution of Natural(ist) Theology 184What’s the Use? 187Neville’s Anthropomorphic Prudery and Sociographic Promiscuity 189Pragmatic Reflections on Religious Reproduction 191Dis-integrating Psychology and Theology 196Letting It All Fall Apart 197Dis-integrating Psychology 198Dis-integrating Theology 199Dis-integrating Selves 200Dis-integrating Gods 201Holding It All Together 202Religion and the Prizing of Peace 204Kailash Satyarthi 205Malala Yousafzai 206Children, Religion, and Violence 207Practicing Safe Sects 210But Isn’t “Religion” Supposed to be Good for Us? 213Safe Sects and Analytic Thought 218Safe Sects and Altruistic Behavior 227The Reciprocal Reinforcement of Theolytic Mechanisms 235The (Methodological) Joy of (Simulating) Sects 245Bibliography 253Index 305