This book is based on my PhD thesis, which I defended at the University of Bergen in February 2017.

Terje Einarsen, Professor of Law at the University of Bergen, planted the seed for this project and nourished its growth. I thank Terje for sharing his knowledge, for his unwavering support, and for holding me to his own high standards of scholarship.

I am grateful to Ottar Mæstad and Arne Strand at the Chr Michelsen Institute for granting me leave to pursue a doctorate, and for encouraging my work in this field. Funding for my position came from the Norwegian Research Council, as part of the project Migration to Norway: Flows and Regulations. The Council also supported a fellowship at the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford. I owe a special thanks to Roland Bank at the RSC, as well as to Cathryn Costello, Jean-François Durieux and Guy Goodwin-Gill for their generous advice. At the Refugee Law Initiative in London I received valuable feedback from fellow PhD scholars. Thank you to David Cantor for creating this unique forum for refugee law research.

Professor Jens Vedsted-Hansen from Aarhus University contributed thoughtful comments on early chapters and has followed the project’s progress with genuine enthusiasm. Vigdis Vevstad welcomed me with open arms into the refugee law community in Norway, generously sharing her knowledge and networks. My stellar opponents for the PhD defence, Andreas Zimmermann and Hélène Lambert, offered robust critiques as well as encouragement to develop the work further. I also thank Lindy Melman from Brill for paving the way for this book to see the light of day.

Most importantly, thank you to my friends and family. My parents have supported me in every imaginable way, including with practical tasks like proofreading. My husband Tord has encouraged me to pursue my dreams while making it possible to do so. Eliot and Tallis remind me why this work is worthwhile.

The Internal Protection Alternative in Refugee Law

Treaty Basis and Scope of Application under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and Its 1967 Protocol