ContentsAcknowledgments IXList of Figures XIList of Abbreviations XIIIntroduction 1Race, Religion, and the State 8The German Islam Conference 19Figuring the Past—on the Muslim QuestionIntroduction to Part 1 29Who are These Muslims? About the Past and the New Orient 32About the New Orient 32Canvassing Muslim Life in Germany 33Can Anyone Wave a German Flag? Youth, Race, Gender, and Nationalism 46Becoming a Problem 69Problematic Ontologies 69The Narration of a Problem 70Gender Justice in the Swimming Pool 83Reconfiguring the Present—Integration as the AnswerIntroduction to Part 2 93Integration 96Integration as Assimilation 96Structural and Cognitive Integration 99Emotional Integration 105Social Integration or How to Re-socialize Muslims 109Integration, Security, and Prevention 123Defending German Society 123Trust and Transparency 129Responsibility and Togetherness 133Suffering Incorporation 145The Glossary of the Conflictive Present 149The Social Polarization of Germany 149A Polarized Society: “Muslim anti-Semitism”, “Islamism”, and “Hostility against Muslims” 151Projecting Germanness into the Future—Tolerance and ImamsIntroduction to Part 3 175The Tolerant Future 179The Tolerant Germans 179Ten Muslims Teaching Tolerance to the Muslim Community 181Secular Imams and Secular Muslims for a Secular Future 205The Muslim Subjects of the Future 205Imams 207Secular Muslims 214Epilogue: The Time of Race, Racial Times 226Bibliography 239Index 260