This book is based on my PhD dissertation entitled Welcome to Integrationland, On racism and the German Islam Conference, defended at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, in the department of sociology on December 2015. Writing this book would not have been possible without the assistance, support, friendship, and advice of several persons who deeply influenced, challenged, and helped me to develop the ideas here presented; however, any mistakes found herein are mine alone. First and foremost, I am profoundly indebted to Kira Kosnick and Nikita Dhawan—their critical and sharp engagement in research is matched equally by their kindness. To them I owe my most profound gratitude. Their care, guidance, encouragement, insights, and critiques help me through the conception, development, and writing of this work. Kira and Nikita have been a continuous source of inspiration.

Furthermore, I want to thank specially Jihan Dean who read and commented on all of the chapters. To Vanessa Thompson I owe my gratitude for her attentive and kind readings, and for challenging me to think about racism from a variety of perspectives. Zubair Ahmad has become a friend, an ally, and an interlocutor. Thinking and writing together has been a novel and extraordinary experience. And thanks as well to Anna-Esther Younes for her friendship and political engagement.

I am thankful to many colleagues for providing a stimulating and friendly atmosphere to share information. These include: Harpreet Cholia, Darja Kilngenberg, Elisabeth Fink, Steffen Klävers, Sussane Becker, Anna Krämer, Sebastian Knake, Amritha Perumalla, Aylin Zafer, Johana Leinus, Beatriz Junqueira and Aki Krishnamurthy. To Kristina Nothbohm, Marija Grujic, Maximilian Biswanger, and Aviv Melamud I am indebted for helping me through the writing process, and for the support, friendship, generosity, and care they provided. Many friends made the long trip to Germany to visit me, bringing joy and amity with them, these include my constant friends Soledad, Adrian, David, Jessica, Hector, Herzain, Cristina, Natalia and Karla. I would like to thank as well to the series editors at Brill who believe in the project, and to the two anonymous reviewers who made helpful and productive comments on the manuscript. I owe my gratitude also to Nienke Brienen-Moolenaar at Brill, who helped me throughout the process of turning the dissertation into a book. Katty Otto, Dirk Enters, and Der Spiegel kindly allowed me the reproduction of the images here analyzed. I would like to thank especially Feriel Bendjama for kindly allowing me to reproduce her piece Original lemon stollen from Dresden for the cover. With a single photograph, Feriel deconstructs what took me hundreds of pages to describe.

Last but not least, I want to thank my parents Ivonne and Rafael who have always been close to me even with an ocean dividing us, as well as my sisters Ludivina and Ivonne and brother Ivan. Thanks to Ian and Annik for the friendship, companionship, and getting me away from my desk every day. Above all, I am grateful to Kim and little Rafael for their relentless support and unconditional love and care.

An earlier version of the argument, reproduced here by kind permission, regarding the German Islam Conference and imams appeared in the Islamophobia Studies Yearbook Vol. 7, 2016, edited by Farid Hafez and I presented the argument of the incorporation of Islam as a suffered paradox first in the European Societies Journal, Vol. 19, issue 5: The social dynamics of religion in the public domain, 2017, edited by Heidemarie Winkel and Gladys Ganiel.