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In: The Scottish Enlightenment Abroad
Author: Janet Starkey
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1 “The Prospect of Aleppo” from Henry Maundrell, A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem (Oxford: printed at the Theater, c.1703) ii

2 John Russell ws of Roseburn (1710–1796), by Allan Ramsay (1713–1784) 25

3 Alexander Russell, a line drawing engraved by Thomas Trotter (c.1750–1803), after Nathaniel Dance 25

4a Patrick Russell (1727–1805), physician and naturalist, by William Daniell after George Dance (1741–1825), 23 March 1794 26

4b Sample of Patrick Russell’s handwriting and signature taken from a letter he wrote to Carsten Niebuhr from London on 23 July 1778 26

5 A miniature portrait of Claud Russell (1732–1820) of Binfield, painted in 1877 by the portrait painter Frederick William Lock 27

6 The Great Umayyad mosque, Aleppo 49

7 Photograph, taken in 2009, of a Mamluk bagnio, ḥammām Yalbughā, built in 1491 by Sayf al-Dīn Yalbughā al-Nāṣirī 49

8 Layout of the Khān al-Jumruk and associated bazaars 51

9 Khān al-Jumruk complex ground plan 52

10 Photograph, taken in 2009, of the main doorway to the Khān al-Jumruk 55

11 Photograph, taken in 2009, of pot herbs growing on the upper terrace of the Khān al-Jumruk 56

12 Routes across the Syrian Desert. Map of Edward Ives’ journeys from his A Voyage from England to India, in the year 1754 (London: Edward & Charles Dilly, 1773) 69

13 The march of the medical militants to the siege of Warwick Lane Castle in the year 1767 84

14 “India in the time of Warren Hastings” 96

15 Map of Tranquebar by Matthias Seutter, 1756 100

16 Title page of The Natural History of Aleppo (London: printed for A. Millar, 1756) 120

17a Title page of Alexander Russell’s The Natural History of Aleppo (London: G. G. and J. Robinson, 1794) 122

17b Title page of Alexander Russell’s Naturgeschichte von Aleppo (Göttingen: bei Johann Georg Rosenbusch, 1797–1798) 123

18a “Turkish lady of condition in the proper dress of Aleppo” (Aleppo2 i: 147) 136

18b Jean-Baptiste Vanmour (1671–1737), “Femme Turque qui fume sur le Sopha”; print made in Constantinople, 1707 or 1708 137

19 Carsten Niebuhr’s plan of the city of Aleppo prepared in 1766 and adapted by Patrick Russell for Aleppo2 i: opposite p. 13 140

20 Carsten Niebuhr, “Grundriss der Stadt Haleb”, Reisebeschreibung nach Arabien und den umliegenden Ländern (Hamburg: Friedrich Perthes, 1837), vol. 1, opposite p. 6 141

21 Patrick Russell, md, frs (1727–1805). Attributed to William Evans (fl.1797–1856), after the painting by Louis Vaslet (1742–1808) 163

22 Portrait of John Russell ws of Braidshaw ws (1671/1672–27 January 1759), painted by Philippe Mercier (1689–1760) 171

23 From left, a qāḍī smoking a kalian (water pipe qalyān); a sardār, a page boy and a bashaw smoking a pipe (Aleppo2 i: 102–104) 192

24 A Turkish concert, exhibiting several instruments used in chamber music (Aleppo2 i: 152) 206

25 Scammony drawn by G. D. Ehret for Medical Observations and Inquiries 1 (1757) 231

26 Ovis aries, the “Bidoween Sheep”, and the Fat-Tailed Sheep (Ovis arabica platyura) 279

27 Drawing of the digestive system of a zebu (Bos taurus indicus) by William Bell, before 1789 281

28 Preserved camel parts (Camelus bactrianus) held by the Hunterian Collection, Royal College of Surgeons, London 283

29 Kata (Tetrao alchata) (Aleppo2 ii: 184) 285

30 Silurus anguillaris, a species of fish (Aleppo2 ii: 210, 217) 287

31 Sample page of Adam Freer’s handwritten list of specimens sent to Professor John Hope in Edinburgh and collected by Freer in the Levant 290

32 Lotus Graeca maritime folio, glacio [glauco] & velut argenteo, T. Cor. In Aleppo1 34, Plate 4 drawn by G. D. Ehret 297

33 A Lotus arabicus specimen (aka Lotus gebelia Ven.) collected by Adam Freer in Aleppo; a specimen now in the Banks’s Herbarium, Natural History Museum, London 298

34 Marsh Woundwort (Stachys pumila Banks & Sol.) (Aleppo2 ii: 255) 309

35 Allium Sylvestre sive moly (Aleppo1, 34); Hypoxis fascicularis (Aleppo2 ii: 250); now called Colchicum fasciculare (Aleppo2 ii: 250) 311

36 Patrick Russell’s actual specimen of Hypoxis fascicularis that Solander lent to Linnaeus, now in the Banks’s Herbarium, Natural History Museum, London 312

37 Phlomis Orientalis Angusto & longiore folio flore luteo (Aleppo1 ii: 47) 313

38 Katuka rekula poda in Patrick Russell, An Account of Indian serpents collected on the coast of Coromandel (London: 1796), Plate vii 329

39 Banded Leopard blow fish (Tetradon leopardus), from Patrick Russell, Descriptions and Figures of Two Hundred Fishes (London: G. & W. Nicol, 1803), vol. 1, pl. 27 331

40 Frontispiece of Jonathan Scott. The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments (London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1811), vol. 1 365


1 Terms used in Aleppo1 and Aleppo2 for musical instruments, compared to modern terms 209

2 Pre-and post-Linnaean botanical nomenclature: comparing Aleppo1 and Aleppo2 299

3 The contents of Aleppo1 and Aleppo2 compared 389

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