in The Plot-structure of Genesis

I remember walking into Professor Richard Averbeck’s office a little apprehensive. I had shared my idea for a dissertation topic, “the seed as protagonist and foil in the book of Genesis,” with other potential dissertation supervisors, but the reaction was lukewarm at best. To my surprise, Professor Averbeck showed immediate enthusiasm. I’m grateful to him for his encouragement and guidance over the course of my doctoral program at Trinity International University (tiu). I feel certain this book bears the marks of his exhortation to “look at the data in the text.” My thanks also go to my examiners, Professors K. Lawson Younger (tiu) and T. Desmond Alexander (Union Theological College) and also to Professor Willem VanGemeren, who served as a mentor and supervisor during my time in the Academic Doctoral Office at tiu. Their feedback and scholarly inspiration have made this book a much stronger version of my dissertation.

For the past twenty-five years I have served the church in Slovakia in various capacities from youth minister to seminary teacher. My thanks therefore, go to ReachGlobal, the organization through whom I have been serving fifteen years, for the generous sabbatical I was granted in order to be able to pursue doctoral studies. There are also over one hundred individuals and local churches that remained faithful to us through that six-year sabbatical with special mention to Faith Community Church of Davis, il and First Evangelical Free Church of Rockford, il, who not only continued their financial support but provided a generous scholarship, without which we could never have even considered embarking on this path. Along with the church in the States, the church in Slovakia, especially Dr. Ján Henžel of the Cirkev Bratská and the entire faculty at the Department of Theology and Christian Education at Matej Bel University, has welcomed me as one of its own and offered me teaching opportunities at the seminary and in the church community that have shaped my character and scholarship.

I remember saying goodbye to Elisabeth and Max on my way to the first day of summer intensive German to start off the doctoral program. They were three and two at the time and I was sad because I knew that goodbye meant more than just “Goodbye, see you after class.” My dear wife Jana, along with Elisabeth and Max, paid dearly for this book and I’m thankful for their love, their sacrifices, the strength I find in them, and more than anything, I’m thankful that eleven years later we still look forward to Sunday walks together in Riečka.

The Plot-structure of Genesis

‘Will the Righteous Seed Survive?’ in the Muthos-logical Movement from Complication to Dénouement