Index12-Year Reich, The (Grunberger)60Anti-Semitic plots, in films and plays76academic standards, decline of71Adorno, Theodor5Dialectic of Enlightenment6African-Americans30Agnes, Countess (character)8284Aichinger, Ilse113,150Allies, the102,142Animals and the Third Reich (Sax)66animal imagery, use of66Anonyma105110Hillers, Martaantifascists100,125,127literary responses and3, 7movement10, 57, 7071, 72, 91, 95, 99, 148150antifascists literature45, 812, 45, 54, 55, 77, 145antifascists writing/writers1, 45, 4243, 80, 82, 93, 142, 147feminist authors81and the Nazi movement55anti-Nazi authors3anti-Nazi literature1, 4, 11, 147anti-racist novel9anti-Semitic fiction143anti-Semitic novel144anti-Semitism2, 19, 22, 24, 59, 96, 98, 120Bruckner views on67destruction of146Wolf’s views on7172Apitz, Bruno, Naked among Wolves107Arminius (Hermann the Cherusci)18Arnold, Fritz96Artamans103Aryan Jesus143Aryan Jesus, The (Heschel)18Aryan male.Nazi maleAryan race144, 145Aryan racial identity7, 17, 60, 6364, 143growth of38Aryan typologyantifascist authors and55and the Nazi movement55Ashkenazic Jewry145Attack, The (Göbbels)11Atwood, Margaret8Auschwitz101, 102, 103, 104, 107Austria40, 95autobiographical contract/manifesto, Hitler’s3035, 38Bachmann, Ingeborg101, 110113, 149150Bachofen, Johann Jakob36Balzac, Honoré de, The Splendors and Miseries of Courtesans92Battle of the Teutoburg Forest18beauty, perceptions of24, 37Beckmann (character in Draussen vor der Tür)6Beim Häuten der Zwiebe, trans. Peeling the Onion (Grass)115Benedict, Ruth68Benedikt, Frieda, Monster, The96Beniston, Judith66Bettauer, Hugo5, 11, 60, 144145, 146City Without Jews, The10, 3943biological determinism15biological information24Blavatsky, Helene18Böll, Heinrich6, 114115, 123, 128136, 150Borchert, Wolfgang6, 114115, 122128The Man Outside122128Bormann, Martin102Borsody, Eduard von, Request Concert76Böttiger, Helmut124Brainin, Salomea Neumark40Brandenburg103Brecht, Bertolt5, 7, 63, 9294, 95, 97Fear and Misery of the Third Reich9fictional characters in work of148Nazi characters in work of150Private Life of the Master Race, The9195Brockman, Stephen116Brown Shirts, the59Bruckner, Ferdinand5, 79, 87, 146, 147Die Rassen, trans. The Races64, 6470and Nazi racism65Buchenwald (KZ)107Burghamer, Councilor and Elisabeth (characters in The Sin Against the Blood)19, 20, 22, 41Canetti, Elias95, 104Canetti, Veza7, 9599fictional characters in work of148Tortoises, The9, 96capitalism16, 37Chamberlain, Houston Stewart19, 3536Cherusci tribe18Chodziesner, Gertrud.Kolmar, GertrudChristian Socialists40Christianity, positive17, 36City Without Jews, The, trans. Die Stadt ohne Juden (Bettauer)10, 3943Columbia University6commercialism37communism74Connolly, Cressida105Credit and Debit, trans. Soll und Haben (Freytag)23Crenneville-Poutet, Hermine Isabelle Maria Gräfin Folliot de.Mühlen, Hermynia Zurcriminal tendencies, and race30cultural history3538Daldry, Stephen, Reader, The (film)107Das Spinnennetz, trans. The Spider’s Web (Roth)145Death Dealer, Höß, Rudolf102Death Head SS102Degenerate Art37Der ewige Jude, trans. The Eternal Jew (film), Hippler, Fritz76Der jüdische Selbsthaß, trans. Jewish Self-Hatred (Lessing)11Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, trans. The Myth of the Twentieth Century (Rosenberg)8, 3538, 144Der Mustergatte, trans. The Model Husband76Des Teufels General, trans. The Devil’s General (Zuckmayer)115122, 150Desert Fox, The (film), Hathaway, Henry116Deutsche Reich15Devil’s General, The, trans. Des Teufels General, The (Zuckmayer)115122, 150Dialectic of Enlightenment (Horkheimer & Adorno)6Dickie, George78Die Dinte wider das Blut, trans. Ink Against Blood (Reimann)9, 38Die Fackel, trans. Torch, The (Kraus)11Die Geschwister Oppenheim trans. The Oppermanns (Feuchtwanger)5664Die größere Hoffnung, trans. Herod’s Children136141Die jüdische Mutter, trans. Jewish Mother from Berlin, A (Kolmar)9, 48Die Rassen (Bruckner)64Die Schildkröten, trans. Tortoises, The9, 96Die Stadt ohne Juden, trans. City Without Jews, The (Bettauer)Difference and Pathology (Gilman)47Dilthey, Wilhelm3536Dinter, Artur12, 36, 40, 61, 144parody of his work9, 3839racial conflict and1725, 38racial typology of144The Sin Against the Blood89, 1725, 143The Sins of the Time12Wandering Jew motif and depictions47documentary films76Drausen vor der Tur (Borchert)122128Dwork, Deborah40educational novel17, 20, 33, 103Eternal Jew, The, trans. Der ewige Jude (film), Hippler, Fritz76ethnic cleansing143ethnic stereotypes, in literature109Excursion of the Dead Girls, The, trans. Der Ausflug der toten Mädchen (Seghers)99100exile literature/authors9, 12, 55, 64, 8186, 96fascism44, 59, 93n, 99, 112Fatherland22Faust (Goethe)65, 8788Fear and Misery of the Third Reich, trans. Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches (Brecht)9female Nazi figurescruelty of106107, 118120in Feuchtwanger’s work56in literature8586, 105110, 142female prisoners107female sexuality8485“Female Sexuality in Fascist Ideology”85feminism37Fénelon, Fania, Playing for Time, trans. Sourcis pour l’Orchestre106Feuchtwanger, Lion74, 79, 89, 91, 95, 97, 146Die Geschwister Oppenheim trans. The Oppermanns5664fictional characters in work of46, 5664, 7174, 84, 148Nazi characters and7, 82, 8485, 94, 97, 148Nazi propaganda and5, 146147role of political songs and79filmsDesert Fox, The (film)116Eternal Jew, The (film)76Homecoming76Model Husband, The76Monster, The96Reader, The107Rothschilds, The76Torch, The11Triumph of the Will7, 92, 147First World War3, 11, 70, 73and German women8182Fischer-Dückelmann, Anna, Woman as Family Physician84“Flag On High, The”, trans. Die Fahne hoch (song), Wessel, Horst79Frankfurt School5freedom of religion15French Existentialism149Freytag, Gustav, Credit and Debit23Fromm, Erich5, 104Furcht und Elend des Dritten Reiches, trans. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (Brecht)9Gast (guest)15, 16Gastarbeiter (guest worker)16Gauguin, Paul37Geary, Dick, “Who Voted for the Nazis?”93Geertz, Clifford6genderHitler’s viewpoint of3435in literature45gender behavior, state control and16gender equality/inequality15, 38, 83gender segregation35genetics, and human qualities23George, Stefan62German Christianity18German citizen, ideal17German citizenshipNazi concept of1415, 143and provincial affiliation15racial testing and65German expansionism103German Jews51, 75, 94, 136German Labor Front76German language1617German literature13, 34, 107, 113, 117, 124, 150German military hero, depictions of6German society, dangers to20German Volk3, 1416, 143German Wehrmacht113Germanic tribes16Germanocentric racial scientists24Germanophilia2Gilman, Sander, Difference and Pathology47Göbbels, Joseph34, 87, 102The Attack11Gobineau, Joseph-Arthur Comte de19Goebbels, Joseph.Göbbels, JosephGoethe, Johann Wolfgang von36Faust8788Göring, Hermann76, 87, 102, 117Grass, Günter, Peeling the Onion (Grass)115Greek matriarchy36Grese, Irma107Gruber, Kati (character in Our Daughters, the Nazis)82, 8384Grunberger, Richard, The 12-Year Reich60Gründgens, Gustav87guest worker (Gastarbeiter)16Günther, Hans F.K.40, 143, 144racial science and2530, 38racial typology of144Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes, trans. Racial Science of the German Nation9,    2530, 69Hamesh, Jack110113Harlan, Veit, Jud Sű ß76Harras, Harry (character in Des Teufels General)116122hate speech24, 58, 67Hathaway, Henry, The Desert Fox (film)116Hauptmann, Gerhart62Heimkehr, trans. Homecoming (film), Ucicky, Gustav76Heine, Heinrich21heredity, race and24Herf, Jeffrey, “The Totalitarian Present”65Herod’s Children, trans. Die größere Hoffnung (Aichinger)136141Herrenmenschen (master race)7Heschel, Susannah, Aryan Jesus, The18Hess, Rudolf76, 78, 102hierarchical stratification16Hillers, Marta101memoirs of105110, 149150Woman in Berlin, A107Hilsenrath, Edgar145Himmler, Heinrich76, 101, 102Hippler, Fritz, The Eternal Jew (film)76Hitler, Adolf5, 6970, 7679, 117, 149appeal of74Mein Kampf8, 12, 13, 3035, 5758, 102, 143144Nazi texts and10and the Nordic male comparison9racial typology of144and Riefenstahl76rise to power of6, 7, 55, 5960, 66spoof on96“Hitler Myth,” The (Kershaw)7Hitler Youth77, 95, 115Höfgen, Hendrik (character in Mephisto…)87, 148Höfgen/Faust scenario88Holocaust48, 58, 64, 104Homecoming, trans. Heimkehr (film), Ucicky, Gustav76homogeneity14homosexual desires60Horkheimer, Max5Dialectic of Enlightenment6Horst Wessel Song88Höß, Rudolf6, 101, 117, 149150Death Dealer (ed. Paskuly)102memoirs of102105Hungary102Ink Against Blood, trans. Die Dinte wider das Blut (Reimann)9, 38insider, positive15, 17Institute for Social Research5interracial relationships4n, 94Jay, Martin, Weimar Left, The11Jesus2324Jewish characters55, 57, 71, 97, 146, 148, 150and Artur Dinter1924, 41and Lion Feuchtwanger89Jewish immigrants, Eastern47Jewish males, and Dinter1820, 22Jewish Mother from Berlin, A, trans. Die jüdische Mutter (Kolmar)9, 48Jewish prisoners104Jewish question, the34Jewish refugee author.exile works/authorsJewish revolutionary10Jewish Self-Hatred, trans. Der jüdische Selbsthaß (Lessing)11Jewish stereotype69Rosenberg views on35Jewish vampirism24Jewish victims6“Jewish Wife, The” (scene in Fear and Misery of the Third Reich)94Jewishness, definition of15Jews15, 96, 143, 144deportation of102Jochmann, Werner12Jud Süß (Harlan)76Judaism36Kain, Andreas (character in The Tortoises)96, 97Kain, Eva (character in The Tortoises)9798Kämpfer, Hermann (character in The Sin Against the Blood)1825, 39, 41, 46Karlanner, Peter (character in Die Rassen)6568, 70, 87, 146147Keith, Judith (character in “The Jewish Wife,”)94the Private Life of the Master Race, TheKershaw, Ian, “Hitler Myth,” The7Koch, Ilse107Koch, Karl Otto107Koehne, Samuel82Kolmar, Gertrud4754, 66, 145, 148Jewish Mother from Berlin, A9, 48Konsalik, Heinz G.6Kraus, Karl, The Torch11Ku Klux Klan40Kucher, Primus-Heinz83labor, in the Nazi state16language, use of6869language and lineage, nationality and14Lejeune, Philippe34Lessing, Theodor, Jewish Self-Hatred11Liebeneiner, Wolfgang, The Model Husband76Lifton, Robert J., The Nazi Doctors64Lilienthal, Georg64Lindenthal, Lotte (character in Mephisto…)8691, 97lineage and language, nationality and14literary Nazi characters142143Lohse, Theodor (character in Das Spinnennetz)4446, 54, 145love, true, embodiment of21love themes, in films and plays76Löwenthal, Leo5Lueger, Karl39, 145Macciocchi, Maria-Antionette, “Female Sexuality in Fascist Ideology”85Mahler, Margaret104male dominance/supremacy16Male Fantasies, trans. Männerphantasien (Theweleit)73, 104male supremacy3637male-on-female violence107Mamlock, Ruth (character in Professor Mamlock)74Man Outside, The, trans, Draußen vor der Tür122128Mandl, Maria107Mann, KlausMephisto–Novel of a Career8691, 148satires about the Nazis89Mann, Thomas12, 86Männerphantasien, trans. Male Fantasies (Theweleit)73, 104Marcuse, Herbert5Marek, Kurt (ed.), Woman in Berlin, A107marriage, creation of37Marx, Helene (character)6566, 6869Mass Psychology of Fascism, The, trans. Massenpsychologie des Faschismus (Reich)6master race, traits of69Matthes and Thost12Mediterranean workers16Mein Kampf (Hitler)12, 13, 3035, 102, 149outlawed13propaganda and5758, 60, 77, 143144racial theory and8, 144Mephisto–Novel of a Career (Mann)8691, 148Miller, Alice104Model Husband, The (Liebeneiner)76modern life, rejection of40Mohrungen, Waltraud von118120, 120Monster, The (Benedikt)96Muck, Cäsar von (character in Mephisto…)89Mühlen, Hermynia Zur147148Our Daughters, the Nazis81multination state, Habsburg model of34Myth of the Twentieth Century, The, trans. Der Mythus des zwanzigstenJahrhunderts (Rosenberg)8, 3538, 144Naked among Wolves, trans. Nackt unter Wölfen (Apitz)107national competition, as a tool15National Socialism4, 6, 14, 48, 59, 63, 104, 105legal system under94lifestyle associations and6667and the medical profession64and racist anti-Semitism.anti-Semitismstruggles with7475women’s responses to81, 8384, 8586, 147148National Socialist38, 103writing4National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP)10, 1417, 66National Socialist Party40, 143National Socialist Women’s League (Frauenschaft)35National Socialists40Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)14Nazi, the term10Nazi authors1011propaganda and2, 11Nazi characters90,100,150151after World War II101in exile literature8186female Nazi figures8586in literature12, 78, 62, 105110, 142143, 145146in literature after World War II3, 7, 101in post-war writing149as templates3views and use of1, 142151Nazi Doctors, The (Lifton)64Nazi ideology61, 62, 76, 93, 100, 146and Artur Dinter25and culture88dismissal of6and gender roles69, 81and racist anti-Semitism6465, 85anti-Semitismwomen and83Nazi Labor Service77Nazi leaders, suicide of102Nazi male102, 105, 145dominance and16, 76n, 125female characters and45, 97, 120, 142, 147as fictional characters56, 70racial anti-Semitism of9, 54Nazi mentality, traits of6768Nazi Party Program.Party Program14, 69, 103Nazi Party Rally147Nazi propaganda56, 8384, 145Nazi racial typology.Nazi typologyNazi stereotypes143, 148Nazi symbolism40, 77, 78, 145146, 147Nazi terminologies16Nazi typology8, 9, 17, 55, 60, 151criticisms against3843, 55Nazi Women’s League (Frauenschaft)35Nazi writing, elements of38Nazissatires about the3840writing about113115Nazismantifascists’ literary responses to3, 7Jewish victims and6pack mentality of5859Neumann, Franz5New Objectivity (Neue Sachlichkeit)9Nietzsche, Friedrich, Also sprach Zarathustra77Night of Broken Glass, the91, 96“Night of the Long Knives”79non-fiction films76Nordic race2, 3637, 38, 77, 143and Nazi leadership85NSDAP program10, 14, 17Nuremberg Trials101, 102Oppenheim, Berthold (character in Family Saga…)59Oppenheim, Edgar (character in Family Saga…)63, 71, 72Oppenheim, Gustav (character)58, 59, 62Oppermanns, The, trans. Die Geschwister Oppenheim5664Our Daughters, the Nazis, trans. Unsere Töchter, die Nazinen (Zur Mühlen)81Our Flag Leads Us Forward, trans. Unsere Fahne flatter uns voran (Steinhoff)76outsider, negative15Party Eagle symbol78Nazi symbolismParty Program15, 16Paskuly, Steven, Death Dealer102patriarchal societies3637Pauley, Bruce11Peace Treaty of Versailles14Peeling the Onion, trans. Beim Häuten der Zwiebel (Grass)115Pelt, Robert Jan40People’s Observer, The11Picasso, Pablo37Pilz, Baldur von (character in Tortoises, The)97Pilz, Frau (character in Tortoises, The)97, 148Playing for Time, trans. Sourcis pour l’Orchestre (Fénelon)106political satires144political songs7579, 147political violence1112Pollock, Friedrich5positive Christianity17positive insider (Volksgenosse)15Prager, Brad107pre- and postwar literary culture149150press, the17Private Life of the Master Race, The (Brecht)9195procreation, state control and16Professor Mamlock (Wolf)9, 70, 82, 86, 147propaganda8, 38, 55, 7581, 8384provincial affiliation, and German citizenship15race24, 56, 146, 147, 148and citizenship1415criminal tendencies and30race-based German citizenship15racial anti-Semitism70, 96racial determinism, and wrong doing22racial diversity35racial historiography36racial hygiene2, 64racial identity, Rosenberg views on36racial science2, 30, 36, 142anti-Semitism and9, 51, 67, 9697German citizenship and65National Socialism and1, 64Nazi characters and142143and racial identity23religion and18, 36traits2, 24Racial Science of the German Nation (Günther)9, 2530racial typology144racially homogeneous nation38racist fiction30racist ideology9rape, in wartime106Rassenkunde (racial science)2, 15, 69, 142, 143racial scienceRassenkunde des deutschen Volkes, trans. Racial Science of the German Nation9,    2530, 69Rathenau, Walther11Rauch, Sybil (character in Family Saga…)61, 62Reader, The (film), Daldry, Stephen107Reader, The (novel), Schlink, Bernhard107real property, nationalization of16Reich, Wilhelm5, 59, 67, 74, 104The Mass Psychology of Fascism6Reimann, Hans5, 56, 144145Ink Against Blood9, 3839religionand Nazism82and race21religious freedom15, 18in the Nazi state17Renkens, Albert (character)5253Request Concert, trans. Wunschkonzert (Borsody)76Riefenstahl, Helene Bertha Amalie.Riefenstahl, LeniRiefenstahl, Leni7581Triumph of the Will (film)7, 92, 147right-wing groups59Rosenberg, Alfred57, 144Myth of the Twentieth Century, The8, 3538, 144Rosorius, Sarah71Roth, Joseph5, 12, 4347, 56, 97, 146, 148Das Spinnennetz145Nazi characters in work of150Wandering Jew, The47Rothschilds, The (film), Waschneck, Erich76Rothstock, Otto43Ruoff, Inge (character in Professor Mamlock)7172, 7475Sachsenhausen (KZ)103Sander, Helke106Sargeant, Maggie6Sax, Boria, Animals and the Third Reich66Schenzinger, Karl Aloys76Schirach, Baldur von76, 97, 102Schlink, Bernhard, Reader, The107Schmidt, Michael12Schnabel, Clarissa106Scholtz-Klink, Gertrud35Schwertfeger, Karl (character in City Without Jews, The)56, 145Second World War102Nazi characters after34Seghers, Anna148The Excursion of the Dead Girls99100segregation16, 35, 61, 136shame culture68Shoah/post-Shoah113, 142, 145Sin Against the Blood, The (Dinter)89, 1725, 143Sins of the Time, The (Dinter)12slave labor16Social Darwinism74Social Democrats34social identifiers18Socialism9Socialist Realist literature149soldier-protagonists115Soll und Haben, trans. Credit and Debit (Freytag)23Sourcis pour l’Orchestre, trans. Playing for Time106Spandau prison102Speer, Albert102Splendors and Miseries of Courtesans, The (Balzac)92state- controlled land reform16Steffin, Margarete91Stoltzfus, Nathan94Stormer, The (Streicher)11stratification, hierarchical16Streicher, Julius, Stormer, The11Sünder, Artur (character in Ink Against Blood)38swastika symbol40Tagger, Theodor.Bruckner, FerdinandTaubner-Calderon, Veza.Canetti, VezaTessow65, 6970“Totalitarian Present, The,” (Herf)65Theosophical Society18Theweleit, Klaus80Male Fantasies73, 103104Third Reich1, 3, 80, 101, 105, 109110allegiance to102downfall of92and the medical profession64path to success in91Thus Spake Zarathustra, trans. Also sprach Zarathustra (Nietzsche )77Torch, The trans. Die Fackel (Kraus)11Tortoises, The trans. Die Schildkröten (Canetti)9, 96Total War, the113Treaty of Versailles69Triumph of the Will (film)147Riefenstahl, Leni7, 758112-Year Reich, The (Grunberger)60Ucicky, Gustav, Homecoming76Udet, Ernst117Ulrichs, Otto (character in Mephisto …)91Unsere Fahne flatter uns voran, trans. Our Flag Leads Us Forward (Steinhoff)76Unsere Töchter, die Nazinen, trans. Our Daughters, the Nazis (Zur Mühlen)81Vienna Workers’ Paper (Arbeiter-Zeitung)12Vogelsang, Bernd (character in Family Saga)56, 5960, 62Volk147German3, 1416Volksgenossen (German nationals)14Vorleser, Der, trans. The Reader (Schlink)107Wagner, Richard36Waine, Anthony116“Wandering Jew”47Wandering Jews, The (Roth)47war fiction6Waschneck, Erich, The Rothschilds (film)76Weber, Samuel79Wehrmacht, the76Weimar constitution14, 15vs. Party Program16Wiener Arbeiter-Zeitung Vienna12, 44, 95Weimar Left, The (Jay)11Weimar Republic2, 14, 56, 71Weingran, Katrin117Wels, Heinrich (character in Family Saga)61, 62“Who Voted for the Nazis?” (Geary)93Witch of Buchenwald, The107Wolf, Friedrich7, 63, 64, 91, 146Professor Mamlock9, 7081, 82, 85, 147Woman in Berlin, A (Hillers)107womeneducation of3738emancipation of37exiles9expectations of45, 48, 86, 109Hiller’s view of105Hitler’s viewpoint of3435in Nazi-era fiction20, 7175, 81, 92, 96100, 107109Nazism and2, 80, 83, 88, 147148Rosenberg views on35, 37world view (Weltanschauung)18World War I2Wunschkonzert, trans. Request Concert (Borsody)76Yellow Badge, The70Zuckmayer, Carl150Devil’s General, The114, 115122Zur Mühlen, Hermynia147148Our Daughters, the Nazis81