Without my conversations with friends, colleagues, and students, and the support of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), especially the Department of Germanic Studies, this book would not have been realized. Early inspirations date back to my years at Ohio State University and team-taught courses with Neil Jacobs, who raised questions that became important in my research. I also owe insights and ideas to Matthew Lippman, with whom I taught courses on the Holocaust in Literature and the Law at UIC. Through collaborative work with these colleagues, I became increasingly aware of how little scholarship there was on Nazi figures as textual constructs. A busy decade later, I began my research on Nazi characters in propaganda and literature during a sabbatical leave from UIC in 2010/2011. I am also indebted to Sander L. Gilman for listening and raising criticism, and to my dear departed friend, Steve Iglesias, for his insights. I wish to express my special thanks to Jeff McCaull for his expert review of my manuscript. My friends in Oak Park (Roberta Arnold, Chris Miller, and my former Ph.D. student and accomplished scholar, Sharon Weiner) encouraged me during the final phase of my book. Most of all, however, I am grateful to my brilliant and courageous husband, Mohsin Abdou, for his patience and support.