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The following people provided invaluable inputs to this work: Dr. Ann Mongoven was very supportive particularly assisting with skill acquisition in bioethics practice (for instance, serving as my practicum mentor and providing referrals for my IRB membership accreditation). Dr. Jim Roper was invaluable in so many ways, for instance, his knack for giving criticisms in the most humane and painless manner is remarkable. He often reassured me that I could disagree with his views [and he meant it].

Dr. Paul Thompson bequeathed to me more published materials than I can count; not least of them is what I’ve called, the Manna from Paul” – Guidance Framework for Testing of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes for my Chapter 2. It has been the icing on the cake. And for Dr. John McClendon III – what do you call someone who rectified your doctoral admission process; saw you through the thick and thin of the program, up until the very end – father figure? That’s what he is, and much more.

Next, my deep gratitude is also due to my big sister Mrs. Ifeyinwa Mary Agnes Ugwuoke, BA, MA, LLB, LLM. Her outpouring of ‘libations’ to God Almighty in faraway homeland (Nigeria), has had profound positive effect on my family in the New World (USA). Finally, the author would like to thank J. Everet Green, PhD., for his input on earlier drafts of this book; as well as other anonymous reviewers for their comments.

Clinical Trials and the African Person

A Quest to Re-Conceptualize Responsibility