ContentsSeries Editor Preface VIIAcknowledgements VIIINotes on Previously Published Material XIntroduction 1Cultural and Theological Sources of American and Christian Affinity for Israel 25“For Such a Time as This”: The Origins of Christians United for Israel as a Representation of Modern Mythmaking 54Walking in the Mantle of Esther: Political Action as Religious Practice 86David and Goliath, Isaac and Ishmael: Islam, Demonology, and the Eternal Enmity of God’s Enemies 117Gideon in the Winepress: Internal Enemies and the Discursive Politics of Naming 143“I am an Israeli”: Christian Zionism as American Redemption 171Conclusion: “I Will Bless Those Who Bless You”: Philo-Semitism, Fetishism, and Unleashing the Blessings of God 202Bibliography 243Index 258