5. Adventures in Cheeseworld

Learning in the World and on the Job

In: Critical Issues and Bold Visions for Science Education

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Formal schooling in the United States, particularly when publicly funded, tends toward a one-size fits-all transmission model. Although this “works” for some, the decontextualized nature of classrooms and other formal learning environments often does not provide the type of support that many learners need to produce the kinds of knowledge that afford individual satisfaction and fulfillment, and the achievement of personal and professional goals. In this chapter we document a phenomenological, hermeneutic exploration of one learner’s efforts to forge and follow a self-directed professional education project that employs a dynamic bricolage of approaches to achieve knowledge production and participation in a community of practice. The authors explore the birth and development of a cheese professional – cheese maker, affineur and cheesemonger – as she learns in the world and on the job.