8. Creative Critical Inquiry

Transforming Our Understandings of and Engagements in the World

In: Critical Issues and Bold Visions for Science Education

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Twenty-first century scientific problems are complex and have multiple, intersecting etiologies that require us to work across disciplinary boundaries in order to solve them. This warrants creative scientific thinking that will lead to the new knowledge, innovations and social movements that will address existing and emergent issues and move us towards more equitable and sustainable futures. This chapter offers and approach for thinking about creativity in relation to science teaching and learning. Using the example of extreme climate events, I situate this issue in the economic, historical and social contexts that complicate the both the causes and challenges of addressing this issue. This is followed by a discussion of the Crit-Trans heuristic created to expand opportunities for all students, especially racialized and marginalized students, to engage in science in meaningful ways. I then expand on this heuristic by centering creativity in order to broaden how people approach and address scientific challenges from classroom-based tasks to the larger societal issues. I provide an example of a creative engagement with science to offer a starting point from which to build the creative practices necessary in science teaching and learning in order to imagine and advance a better society for all.