3.1.2012 School enrollment rate of 15 and 29-year-olds. Resource: Gupta et al. (2014), OCDE Publishing47
4.1.Making and action65
4.2.Temperature-time graph (best fit)68
4.3.Temperature-time graph: Joining up the points68
5.1.Hawkins’ model viewed as a multilectical relationship between learner, teacher and the natural world89
13.1.An image of a large camera obscura used by Reinerus Gemma-Frisius in 1545 to observe an eclipse of the sun. Note the pinhole aperture235
15.1.Model of science education research (SER). (The labels represent functions, not individuals or a group, carrying out the functions)273
15.2.Japanese public’s preferences of the most preferable community-level decision-making on socio-scientific issues277
15.3.Didactic triangle279
6.1.Changes in student population receiving special education services105
15.1.Examples of definition of policy in political sciences274