In: Rich Pickings
Author: Daphne Loads
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I would like to acknowledge the support of Geoffrey Baines, Brigid Collins, Hazel Christie, Catriona Cunningham, Gill Highet, Velda McCune, Christine Sinclair, Fiona Smart, Raka Tavashmi, Evelien van der Veer, Jolanda Karada, Elaine Wallace and two anonymous reviewers.

Earlier versions of Chapters 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 16, 18, and 25 appeared in the blog:

Staying Alive: Surviving and thriving in academia:

Earlier versions of Chapters 8 and 10 appeared in the blog:

Teaching Matters:

Earlier versions of Chapters 18, 21, 22, and 23 appeared in the blog:

Inspiring and creative insight into learning and teaching from the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh:

Cover Illustration

I am grateful to Kathleen Jamie, for permission to use the cover image. This image was made in response to a collaboration between Kathleen and the artist Brigid Collins in Frissure (Polygon, 2013).

Credits Illustrations

Geoffrey Baines is a freelance futures-mentor, blogger and doodler; he also works part-time with the University of Edinburgh’s Chaplaincy making this work available to both students and staff.

For 2014, Geoffrey set himself the challenge of blogging every day for a year but wanted some degree of difficulty. Only allowing himself to post his daily blog if he added a doodle provided the necessary challenge. Four years later, he continues to blog and doodle every day but the doodling has resulted in recently publishing a mindful colouring book and designing images for corporate and personal use, large and small.

Geoffrey seeks to be a deeper listener, whether listening to a person’s story, a customer’s illustrative needs, or a text. In the case of Rich Pickings, Geoffrey read through my text and allowed different image ideas to present themselves, these were shortlisted in a quick-sketch shortlist from which I chose those to be developed into finished illustrations.

The idea is not to “repeat” the text but to offer something tangential to it.