In: Jesus the Samaritan
Author: Stewart Penwell
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What a long strange trip it’s been and I am grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge at least a few people who made this study possible. The following is a revised version of my doctoral thesis, accepted by St. Mary’s University (Twickenham, London). I am very proud and honored to be the first student and the first graduate from Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible at St. Mary’s University. I am thankful to Philip Esler who, in 2012, initiated this project at St. Mary’s University and who shaped the foundation of this study in the social-sciences. This project would not have reached its full potential were it not for my Doktorvater Chris Keith who pushed me, often in the manner of an NCAA basketball coach, in order to get me to produce to the very best that I am capable of doing.

I also am grateful for the faculty at Drew Theological School and particularly my Master of Sacred Theology supervisor Virginia Burrus. I have not been in her classroom for over a decade yet she continues to teach and challenge me. I am indebted to Tom Thatcher for instilling in me a love of Johannine Literature. I am honored to be mentioned among your former students. To my entire Bible College faculty who taught me faith with critical analysis and, in this regard, a special appreciation for Daniel J. Dyke. I also want to acknowledge all of my classmates who are smarter than me but pursued the ministry instead of academics. A special thanks to Jim Lloyd and Scott Lloyd the library directors who not only curate an amazing Biblical Studies collection, and offered me employment for 10 years, but who also show great kindness and friendship to everyone they encounter. Finally, I am grateful for my nephew Bram Kitterman whose constant asking “Are you done with your book yet?” helped to keep me going. Thanks, Kid!

March 2019

Corydon, IN