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In: Understanding Israel/Palestine
Author: Eve Spangler
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About the Author

Eve Spangler

has always positioned her work within public sociology, using scholarly methods to contribute to the struggle for social justice. Class inequality has been the focus of much of her early work. She has investigated the career patterns of blue collar college graduates (they rarely catch up to their more privileged classmates); the experiences of professionals as their work is reorganized from independent to salaried forms (they lose autonomy); and the safety and health of workplaces (generally better served by labor militancy than by managerial enlightenment). Through these studies, she has also become interested in gender, e.g. around issues of sexual harassment at work, and in issues of race, especially as Islamophobia, an emerging form of racism, complicates American participation in a just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her recent work over the last decade is focused on human rights and social justice struggles in Palestine and Israel.

Understanding Israel/Palestine

Race, Nation, and Human Rights in the Conflict (Second Edition)