In: The Writing Shop
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Thank you to Dr. Patricia Leavy, for your belief in and commitment to The Writing Shop, as well as everyone at Brill | Sense.

Thank you to all the teacher-writers I’ve known. Emphatic thanks to Katie Egan Cunningham, my remarkable friend and role model, who encouraged me to develop this book.

To all my students past and present—at Grace Church School, Saint David’s School, Thomas A. Edison School, the GO Project, Escuela San Luis de Florencia, LIM College, and Manhattanville College—you make me love teaching writing. Special thanks to those who, with their families, allowed me to share their photographs and stories.

Matt Casey at the Carver Center, thank you for your invaluable help. Sarah Twombly, thank you for remembering our conversation and sending me a lead. The team at Miller-Driscoll School, thank you for inspiring me and nurturing my children.

I am grateful to the shop masters who welcomed visits, surveys, and conversations, especially Bob Boyce, Eric Dixon, Jenni Eaton, Chris Farrell, Beth Sullivan, Cheryl Wilder, and Danielle Wolf.

And thank you to my husband, Justin. Your sweeping support is everything.