1. 1.What is your name?
  2. 2.Age?
  3. 3.How do you self-identify ethnically?
    1. a)non-Australian: (include nation/s)
    2. b)Australian
    3. c)Torres Strait
    4. d)South Sea Islander
    5. e)Aboriginal: include nation/s
  4. 4.List languages spoken at home
  5. 5.Are you currently in full-time employment? Yes/ No
  6. 6.Are you caring for family members? Yes/ No
  7. 7.Are you studying? Yes/ No

Church Involvement

  1. 8.How regularly do you attend church?
  2. 9.How long have you attended your current church?
  3. 10.What three words would you use to describe your church to someone who has not been?

a) _____________ b) ______________ c) ________________

Culture & The Arts

  1. 11.How do you feel when you are in church?
  2. 12.Have you felt the presence of God in church within:
    1. a)Dance
    2. b)Visual art
    3. c)Drama
    4. d)Movies/ Video clips
    5. e)Music
    6. f)Sermon
  3. 13.(If has not already) Can you tell me a story to illustrate in one of these cases?
  4. 14.Can you tell me a song you heard at church that has played a transformational role in your life?
  5. 15.Can you tell me a story about a scripture that has moved you?
  6. 16.How important is communion to you? Why?
  7. 17.How important is the offering to you? Why?
  8. 18.Is there anything else? Prayer/ Prophetic/

Aboriginal Cultural Participation

  1. 19.What do you think the place for Aboriginal people in your church is?

Continue 20–23 if participant marked Aboriginal, Torres Strait or South Sea:

  1. 20.How important is “self-determination” for you?
  2. 21.How important is “culture” to you?
  3. 22.Have you in the last six months attended:
    1. a)An Indigenous funeral?  Yes/ No
    2. b)A festival or ceremony?  Yes/ No
    3. c)Fished/hunted in a group?  Yes/ No
    4. d)Had involvement with an Indigenous organization?  Yes/ No
  4. 23.Were you paid for this involvement? Yes/ No

Worship Team Members

  1. 24.Are you involved in the church worship team, or in any artistic outreach?  Yes/ No

Continue if the person is involved in the worship ministry of the church

  1. 25.What role do you play in the team?
  2. 26.How does your church plan for the weekend? Is it organized in advance?
  3. 27.What influences the team artistically and spiritually?
  4. 28.Are there ways the team tries to bring in different cultures? E.g. Aboriginal/tsi culture?
  5. 29.How does your team facilitate people engaging the presence of God in worship?

Evangelism/social Engagement Volunteers

  1. 30.How important is sharing the gospel to you? P001174

  1. 31.How important is practical helps in the community to you? P001176

  1. 32.Do you volunteer in the ministries of the church?Yes/ No

Continue if the person is involved in the evangelism or social justice ministries of the church

  1. 33.What is your role?
  2. 34.How and why did you get involved?
  3. 35.Do you think worship empowers you for this work? How?
  4. 36.Have you ever experienced the Spirit’s presence in your work? Can you give me one example?
  5. 37.How important is demonstrations of God’s “power” in the ministries of the church? P001184

  1. 38.How important is God’s “love” in the ministries of the church? P001186


  1. 39.Can you describe three things that have had a positive impact upon your well-being in the last three years?

a) _____________ b) ____________ c) ___________

  1. 40.Of those, which do you think has had the greatest effect?
  2. 41.Do you think worship has positively impacted your life? Why/ why not?
  3. 42.Can you tell me a particular moment that was significant for you?

Thank you & Conclusion

  1. 43.Could you recommend five people in the congregation (other than staff) that you think it would be good for me to also talk to?

  1. 1.What can you tell me about the history of the congregation that helps explain how it appears today?
  2. 2.What’s your story - how did you personally come to be a part of the leadership team?
  3. 3.What roles do you have in the church?
  4. 4.What day-to-day responsibilities?
  5. 5.What is the significance for you of sitting under Aboriginal leadership?
  6. 6.What role is there for non-indigenous leaders in the team?
  7. 7.How does your church decide on its programs to the community?
  8. 8.How are leaders identified and trained in your church?
  9. 9.How intricately does worship connect in to what you do in leadership?
  10. 10.Can you tell me a time when the Spirit empowered you for what you do?
  11. 11.What would you want your ministry to be known for?
  12. 12.How important is the power of the Spirit for your work?
  13. 13.How important is love?
  14. 14.Do you think you have learned to love?