Screaming for Socialism

In: The Price and Promise of Specialness


This chapter (1950–1953) situates the nascent policymaking in the context of the PRC’s coming to terms with its external pressures, domestic volatility, and the internal logic of the Chinese revolution. Overseas Chinese policy practitioners were confronted by the negative impacts of socialist transformation (i.e. Land Reform) and foreign pressure (i.e. the Korean War), specifically for Overseas Chinese remittance flows. Yet, this coalescence of pressures was key for recognising the transnationality of the interests that underpinned remittances, with the domestic interests of the Overseas Chinese as the crux. From this Overseas Chinese policy thus rationalised the convergence between ‘favourable treatment’ of Overseas Chinese interests, and the financial utility of this approach to the party-state.

The Price and Promise of Specialness

The Political Economy of Overseas Chinese Policy in the People’s Republic of China, 1949–1959