Maps, Illustrations and Tables

In: Peter von Danzig
Author: Beata Możejko
Translator: Barbara Gostyńska
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Maps, Illustrations and Tables


  1. 1Berndt Pawest’s voyage during the autumn of 1471 – Berszhuck 131
  2. 2The Zwin canal connecting Bruges with the North Sea 132
  3. 3The caravel’s voyages during January–March 1472 146
  4. 4The attack carried out by Paul Beneke on the Burgundian galleys 203


  1. 1The letter by Berndt Pawest, 6 III 1472 (AP Gdańsk, 300 D/75, 237) 166
  2. 2The letter by Berndt Pawest, 21 VII 1472 (AP Gdańsk, 300 D/75, nr 265) 167


  1. 1Terms by which the ship is referred to in historical sources 20
  2. 2List of letters and documents in series 300 D/17 B 29
  3. 3List of letters written by Berndt Pawest concerning the caravel 31
  4. 4Information in Berndt Pawest’s letters concerning the caravel, October 1471–August 1472 (in chronological order with appropriate fields marked to show whether or not a given subject was mentioned) 34
  5. 5Terms used to refer to individuals connected with the ownership of the caravel during the years when she was officially in French hands 47
  6. 6Data compiled based on a document of 19 May 1464 concerning equipment and items from the caravel pledged as security 69
  7. 7Receipts and expenses of the captain and his successors in Gdańsk – account and settlement of account 84
  8. 8Damage and repairs to the caravel after her return from service in the North Sea 153
  9. 9List of places Berndt Pawest called at after his campaign in the North Sea 174
  10. 10List of loans (including personal contributions) and expenses incurred by Berndt Pawest to maintain the caravel and her crew 175
  11. 11Statement of receipts and expenditure relating to the caravel drawn up by Paul Beneke on 22 February 1473 183
  12. 12Statement of losses drawn up in July 1473 217
  13. 13Data compiled by Gottlieb von Ropp based on lists of losses drawn up in 1473 and 1496 218
  14. 14The repercussions of Paul Beneke’s raid throughout 1473–1474, as recorded in available sources 240
  15. 15Summary of sources providing information about the aftermath of Paul Beneke’s raid (1477–1499) 255
  16. 16List of compensation payments made in instalments as per the agreement of 1499 276

Peter von Danzig

The Story of a Great Caravel, 1462-1475