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The local terms used in this book are written either in Oromiffa or Amharic/Geez. I used the Qubee to spell Oromiffa words. I adopted Bryan J. Yates’s ‘Guide to Transliteration’ to transliterate Amharic/Geez words to their anglicised form (2009: p. 272). For proper nouns and place names, I relied on conventional anglicised spelling for the sake of readability and consistency. Where I needed plural forms of local words, I added ‘s’ as in Oromo/Oromos. Reference to (both in the text and bibliography) Oromo and non-Oromo Ethiopian names is based on the Ethiopian standard which is given name followed by family name (e.g., Serawit B. Debele, not Debele, Serawit B.). When using references written in Amharic, I relied on the Ethiopian Calendar and indicated that by putting EC to stand for Ethiopian Calendar.