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About the Series Editor

Fuyin (Thomas) Li (1963, Ph.D. 2002) received his Ph.D. in English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is professor of linguistics at Beihang University, where he organizes China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics since 2004, http://cifcl.buaa.edu .cn/Intro.htm. As the founding editor of the journal Cognitive Semantics, brill.com/cose, the founding editor of International Journal of Cognitive Linguistics, editor of the series Distinguished Lectures in Cognitive Linguistics, brill.com/dlcl, (originally Eminent Linguists’ Lecture Series), editor of Compendium of Cognitive Linguistics Research, and organizer of ICLC-11, he plays an active role in the international expansion of Cognitive Linguistics.

His main research interests involve the Talmyan cognitive semantics, overlapping systems model, event grammar, causality, etc., with a focus on synchronic and diachronic perspective on Chinese data, and a strong commitment to usage-based model and corpus method.

His representative publications include the following: Metaphor, Image, and Image Schemas in Second Language Pedagogy (2009), Semantics: A Course Book (1999), An Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics (in Chinese, 2008), Semantics: An Introduction (in Chinese, 2007), Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Volume : Concept Structuring Systems (Chinese version, 2017), Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Volume Ⅱ: Typology and Process in Concept Structuring (Chinese version, 2019).

His personal homepage: http://shi.buaa.edu.cn/thomasli

E-mail: thomasli@buaa.edu.cn; thomaslfy@gmail.com