Note on Supplementary Material

In: Ten Lectures on Corpus Linguistics with R
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IMG060001The complete collection of lectures by Stefan Th. Gries can be accessed via this QR code and the following dynamic link:

All original audio-recordings and other supplementary material, such as handouts and PowerPoint presentations for the lecture series, have been made available online and are referenced via unique DOI numbers on the website They may be accessed via a QR code for the print version of this book. In the e-book both the QR code and dynamic links will be available which can be accessed by a mouse-click.

The material can be accessed on through a PC internet browser or via mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. To listen to the audio recording on hand-held devices, the QR code that appears at the beginning of each chapter should be scanned with a smart phone or tablet. A QR reader/scanner and audio player should be installed on these devices. Alternatively, for the e-book version, one can simply click on the QR code provided to be redirected to the appropriate website.

This book has been made with the intent that the book and the audio are both available and usable as separate entities. Both are complemented by the availability of the actual files of the presentations and material provided as hand-outs at the time these lectures were given. All rights and permission remain with the authors of the respective works, the audio-recording and supplementary material are made available in Open Access via a CC-BY-NC license and are reproduced with kind permission from the authors. The recordings are courtesy of the China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics (, funded by the Beihang University Grant for International Outstanding Scholars.