Preface by the Series Editor

In: Ten Lectures on Corpus Linguistics with R
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The present text, entitled Ten Lectures on Corpus Linguistics with R for Usage-based and Psycholinguistic Research by Stefan Th. Gries, is a transcribed version of the lectures given by Professor Gries in October 2018 as the forum speaker for the 18th China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics.

The China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics ( provides a forum for eminent international scholars to give lectures on their original contributions to the field of cognitive linguistics. It is a continuing program organized by several prestigious universities in Beijing. The following is a list of organizers for CIFCL 18.


Fuyin (Thomas) Li: PhD/Professor, Beihang University


Yihong Gao: PhD/Professor, Peking University

Baohui Shi: PhD/Professor, Beijing Forestry University

Yuan Gao: PhD/Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sai Ma: PhD, Capital Normal University

The text is published, accompanied by its audio disc counterpart, as one of the Distinguished Lectures in Cognitive Linguistics. The transcriptions of the video, proofreading of the text and publication of the work in its present book form have involved many people’s strenuous efforts. The initial transcripts were completed by Shan Zuo, Jinmei Li, Hongxia Jia, Chenxi Niu, Shu Qi, Mengxue Duan, Junjie Lu and Na Liu. Na Liu and Shan Zuo made revisions to the whole text. We editors then made word-by-word and line-by-line revisions. To improve the readability of the text, we have deleted the false starts, repetitions, fillers like now, so, you know, OK, and so on, again, of course, if you like, sort of, etc. Occasionally, the written version needs an additional word to be clear, a word that was not actually spoken in the lecture. We have added such words within single brackets […]. To make the written version readable, even without watching the film, we’ve added a few “stage directions”, in italics also within single brackets: […]. These describes what the speaker was doing, such as pointing at a slide, showing an object, etc. Professor Gries made final revisions to the transcriptions; the published version is the final version approved by the speaker.

Thomas Fuyin Li

Beihang University

Jing Du

Beihang University