Brief Introduction of the Book

In: Life-Practice Educology
Author: Lan Ye 1
  • 1 East China Normal University
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This book presents the theory of a contemporary China’s academic school of Educology. It consists of an introductory section and two main parts. The introduction reviews reasons for the development of the Life-Practice School of Educology. The first part proposes a fully formulated view on Educology of Life-Practice School of Educology and expounds on current thinking in China that denies the independence of educology as a discipline.

The second part is entitled Education of Life-Practice School of Educology. The author explains inherited and new understandings of the Life-Practice School of Educology from Chinese traditional culture to the current age, and further refines the Chinese understanding of Education (jiaoyu 教育) as teaching the knowledge of nature and society, and cultivating a self-consciousness towards life.