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About Power and Impotence

It is to the enormous credit of this author that he has gone where few other writers would have dared to tread. From a courageous and remarkable survey of ten different countries of South America – the continent that witnessed the rise and decline of the ‘Pink Tide’ – Fabio Luis has distilled crucial lessons relevant not just to that part of the world but relevant for the Global South as a whole. He has powerfully highlighted the perils of merely moderating the thrust of neoliberal developmentalism rather than breaking with it altogether no matter how high the risk of ‘disorder’ this might seem to entail. This book is a great learning experience and a must read!

Achin Vanaik, Professor (Retired) of International Relations and Global Politics, University of Delhi

Fabio Luis presents a sober and incisive account of the flow and the ebb of the ‘pink tide’ across South America through an impressive analysis of recent political history in all but one of the countries on the continent, concluding that the pattern of ‘permanent counterrevolution’ in Latin America prevents a viable reformist path to development. It is a book that should be studied by all who are interested in the trajectory of an alternative to neoliberal politics in the Global South.

Karl von Holdt, University of the Witwatersrand

This book examines critically, in great detail, the ‘pink tide’ in nine Latin American countries, as well as the changing political and economic circumstances in Cuba. This is a key resource for understanding the recent political dynamics in one of the most important and influential regions in the world. Indispensible!

Alfredo Saad-Filho, Professor of Political Economy, King’s College London

The shadows of Latin American progressivism emulate the darkness when the sun declines and the lights that marked an era fade. That’s what this book is about, which offers a powerful and enlightening analysis of this historical period.

Alberto Acosta, Former President of Constituent Assembly of Montecristi, Ecuador