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Index“1,112 and Counting.”Larry Kramer2 Become 1.Tian sheng yi dui“828–3886.”Annabelle GurwitchAbé Kōbō (1924–1993)Kangarū nōto (Kangaroo Notebook, 1991)397n20Suna no onna (Woman in the Dunes, 1962)304Abé Sada Incident (1936)343n36abortionglobal gag rule384, 385in China237n11, 363n62in Japan237n11, 371n74in Korea362, 364n64, 379in Pakistan376, 385in the United States342n34, 384, 385Abrahams, Lionel (1928–2004)36n14The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan (1977)36n14Abuelaish, Izzeldin (ʿIzz add-Dīn Abū al-ʿAish, 1955–)234I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor’s Journey (2011)234abuses in medicineincompetent/impaired physicians in literature238n12medical abuse of vulnerable groups438n88unethical medical research/experimentation437n88A Call to Arms.Lu XunAchebe, Chinua (1930–2013)51n21Things Fall Apart (1958)51n21Acquah, Asabea (1967–)169n57“Yaw” (2004)169n57Adalla, Carolyne95, 96, 116n51, 129, 138, 140, 142, 143n26, 145Confessions of an aids Victim (1993)95, 96, 116n51, 129, 138, 140Admissions: Life as a Brain Surgeon.Henry MarshThe Affair (2014–2019)401n29, 477n4Afghanistan450, 451specific conditions, films, writersliterature451African Delights.Siphiwo MahalaAge of Iron (1990)260n41, 261n41“Aghwee the Sky Monster.”Ōe Kenzaburōaging populations,482n11, 489n18, 490statistics482n11See also Levinaids Sutra: Untold Stories from India.Negar AkhaviAkashi Kaijin (1901–1939)71n63Akhavi, Negar98aids Sutra: Untold Stories from India (2008)98Alameddine, Rabih (1959–)543Koolaids: The Art of War (1998)543al-Aswānī, ʿAlāʾ(1957–)“AwrāqʿIṣāmʿAbd al-ʿĀṭī” (The Isam Abd el-Ati Papers, 1989)481, 528Chicago (2007)212n28, 235n7Alice and Oliver.Charles BrockAliceheimer’s: Alzheimer’s through the Looking Glass (2016)187“Aliyo Silimu” (There Is aids)112Allen, Jimmy (1927–2019)150n34Burden of a Secret: A Story of Truth and Mercy in the Face of aids (1995)150n34Allen, Paula Gunn (1939–2008)328n1“Dear World” (1988)328n1Allende, Isabel (1942–)La casa de los espíritus (House of the Spirits, 1982)575n43La ciudad de lasbestias (City of the Beasts, 2002)575n43Paula (1994)542, 567, 574, 575, 577, 579Almanac of the Dead.Leslie Marmon SilkoAlone No Longer: The Story of a Man Who Refused to Be One of the Living Dead.Stanley Steinals.amyotrophic lateral sclerosisal-Saʿdāwī, Nawāl (1931–)al-Marʾah wa-al-ṣiraʿ al-nafsī (Woman and Psychological Conflict, 1976)271n54al-wajh al-ʿārīlil-marʾah al-ʿArabiyyah (The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World; lit. The Naked Face of the Arab Woman, 1977)270censorship of274“Creative Women in Changing Societies” (1997)279n64and feminist debates269, 270, 272in English translation269n50, 272274in Japanese translation274Mudhakkirātṭabībah (Memoirs of a Woman Doctor, 1963)225, 240, 269and shame275, 280Taʾallamtu al-Hubb (I Learned Love, 1957)269“Women and Health in the Arab World” (1997)269n51, 274Alterra, Aaron498n27The Caregiver: A Life with Alzheimer’s (1999)498n27al-ʿUjaylī, ʿAbd al-Salām (1918/1919–2006)269n51al-wajh al-ʿārīlil-marʾah al-ʿArabiyyah (The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World; lit. The Naked Face of the Arab Woman, 1977).Nawāl al-Saʿdāwī“Always Tell Me the Truth.”Lynn KaridisAlzheimer, Alois (1864–1915)190n21Alzheimer My Love.Cécile HugueninAlzheimer’s disease.dementia; end-of-life carecare facilities/ care homes for402, 501challenges of care42, 191n24cost of care/financing care183n3dementia villages186and depression 468and end-of-life care389n5and end-of-life debates564and family care partnerships183, 184, 494, 501and feeding tubes389n5in Austria187in Japan41, 185n8, 195n34in Pakistan195n34in South Korea195n34in Sweden186n12in the United Kingdom41, 183, 191n23, 195n34, 389n5, 479, 498in the United States41and literature25, 41, 42, 93, 193, 479statistics499stigmas against25, 184, 185n8, 195, 455and zombies93, 184, 184n6, 185, 188, 190n21, 194Alzheimer’s: How Will I Continue to Live–How Will I Die? See Ruth Schäubli-MeyerAlzheimer’s story494496, 501Amenábar, Alejandro (1972–)541, 562, 563, 566Mar adentro (The Sea Inside, 2004)541, 563“Amends in Halak-Proot.”Ignacio PadillaAmerican Revolutionary War (1775–1783)501n117American Women’s Christian Temperance Union (est. 1872)356357Among the Lepers.Paolo Zappaamyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als, Lou Gehrig’s disease)and assisted suicide 540n4in Japan540n4in the United States 540n4Anam, Tahmima394The Good Muslim (2011)394Anand, Geeta99n9The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million–And Bucked the Medical Establishment–In a Quest to Save His Children (2006)437n87Anand, Mulk Raj (1905–2004)48n15, 238n11, 516Untouchable (1935)48n15, 238n11Anatomy Lesson.Philip RothAn Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales.Oliver SacksAnderson, Susan (1870–1960)341Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes.Tony KushnerAnimal’s People.Indra SinhaAnorexia544, 545in Korea545n12Another Name for Madness.Marion Roachapartheid.South AfricaArchbishop of Constantinople John Chrysostom (c. 349–407)46Archbishop of Constantinople Gregory of Nazianzos (329–390)46Argentina23, 117specific conditions, films, writersAriyoshi Sawako (1931–1984)Fukugōosen (Compound Pollution, 1975)439n90Hanaoka Seishū no tsuma (The Doctor’s Wife, lit. The Wife of Hanaoka Seishū, 1967)392, 438in English translation439n91in French translation439n91Kōkotsu no hito (Person with Dementia, 1972; trans. The Twilight Years)480, 481The Art of African Shopping.Adam LevinThe Art of Death: Writing the Final Story.Edwidge Danticat“The Art of Healing.”W.H. Audenarts and healing7, 216n36, 366literature and healingarts in medical training21L’Ascension du haut mal.David BeauchardAs Is.William M. HoffmanAśka, Upendranātha (Upendranath Ashk, 1910–1966)Falling Walls (Girtī Dīvārẽ, 1947–1996)239n13“Hats and Doctors” 238n13“Mi. Ghaṭpāṇḍe” (Mr. Ghatpande, 1950)238n13At Risk.Alice HoffmanAuden, W.H. (1907–1973)“The Art of Healing” (1969)216n36“Miss Gee” (1940)40Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account.Miklós NyiszliAusten, Jane (1775–1817)14Emma (1815)14Australia6, 40n23, 47, 48n15, 49, 50n19, 70n60, 102n18, 103, 125n72, 212n27, 221n48, 267, 430n78, 430n79, 447, 449specific conditions, films, writersAustria187specific conditions, films, writersAutism37n16, 38n16, 291n16, 463n9and literature291n16autoimmune diseases/disorders328n1, 329n1, 332n10specific diseasesAmerican Autoimmune-Related Diseases Association332n10Awakenings.Oliver SacksAway from Her.Alice MunroAxelrod, David B. (1995–)567n37“Consent” (2011)567n37Baghban (Gardener, 2003)473n26Baiev, Khassan (1963–)234The Oath: A Surgeon under Fire (2003)234Bakker, Gerbrand (1962–)472n26Boven is het stil (It’s Quiet Upstairs, 2006; trans. The Twin)472n26The Ballad of Narayama.Fukuzawa Shichirō, Imamura Shōhei, Kinoshita KeisukeBalzac, Honoré de (1799–1850)336n19Le Médecin de campagne (The Country Doctor, 1833)336n19Bambanani Women’s Group110n37Long Life: Positive hiv Stories (2003)110n37Banda, Hastings Kamuzu (1898–1997)110n36Bangladesh394specific conditions, films, writersBarrett, Andrea (1954–)235n7Ship Fever (1996)235n7Bauby, Jean-Dominique (1952–1997)225, 240, 256261, 268, 282, 284Le Scaphandreet le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, 1997, 2007)225, 240, 256Bayley, John (1925–2015)189Elegy for Iris (1998)189The Beast 1.Sekundu MorganBeauchard, David (1959–)212n27L’Ascension du haut mal (The Rise of the High Evil, 1996–2003)212n27Beauty’s Gift.Sindiwe MagonaBeck, Martha (1962–)464n10Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic (1999)464n10Being Mortal.Atul GawandeBeing with Rachel.Karen BrennanBelgium46, 404, 430n79specific conditions, films, writersBernlef, J. (Hendrik Jan Marsman, 1937–2012)190n21Hersenschimmen (Out of Mind, 1984)190n21Béroul (12th c.)60Tristan (ca. 1160–1170)60Berry, Wendell (1934–)22n43, 541, 567570, 574, 579“Fidelity” (1992)567, 574, 579Bérubé, Michael (1961–)Life as Jamie Knows It: An Exceptional Child Grows Up (2016)37Life as We Know It: A Father, a Family, and an Exceptional Child (1996)37Best Boy.Eli Gottlieb“Beware of aids” (Jihadhari na Ukimwi)138140Beyond the High Blue Air.Lu SpinneyBhutan212n27specific conditions, films, writersBi Shumin (1952–)50n19, 308n33Zhengjiurufang (Save the Breast, 2003)50n19bias3n5, 9, 18, 24, 31, 162, 164, 165, 210n24, 335, 475, 584particular conditions, groupsBiederwolf, William Edward (1867–1939)56, 57bioethics8n15, 261n41, 431n80biomedical model of disease206biopsychosocial model of disease206Birth of the Clinic.Michel FoucaultBlack Rain.Ibuse MasujiThe Black Swan.Thomas MannBlackwell, Elizabeth (1821–1910)334, 334n13, 341, 342Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women (1895)341Bland, Tony (1970–1993)572Blinding: The Left Wing.Mircea CărtărescuBlue Water, White Water: A True Story of Survival.Robert C. SamuelsThe Body Papers.Grace TalusanBolaño, Roberto (1953–2003)575n43A Book of American Martyrs.Joyce Carol OatesThe Book of the Dead.Kgebetli MoeleBorn a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood.Trevor NoahBorrowed Time: An aids Memoir.Paul MonetteBotswana102n16, 152, 290n13specific conditions, films, writersBrazil44n5, 47n14, 70n60specific conditions, films, writersbrca mutation199n1Breaking Bad (2008–2013)520, 521Brennan, Karen (1941–)463Being with Rachel: A Story of Memory and Survival (2002)463Brennert, Alan (1954–)6870Moloka‘i (2003)6870Brock, Charles (1969–)208n18Alice and Oliver (2016)208n18“Broken Beads.” See Joana Emily ObengBrown, Jerry (1938–)406Brown, Molly Mc Cully237The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded: Poems (2017)237Brotherson, Moetai (1969–)37Le Roi absent (The Missing King, 2007)37Buchanan, Patrick (1938–)123, 130n3Büchner, Georg (1813–1837)237n11Woyzeck (1837)237n11Buck, Pearl S. (1892–1973)234n7“The Enemy” (1942)234n7Bulawayo, No Violet (1981–)151n36We Need New Names (2013)151n36Bulgakov, Mikhail (1891–1940)238n12“Morfii” (Morphine, 1926)238n12Burden of a Secret: A Story of Truth and Mercy in the Face of aids.Jimmy Allen“A Burst of Light: Living with Cancer.”Audre Geraldine Lorde“But Have Some Art with You”279n64Bye Bye Africa (1999)105n27“Bye Bye Natalia.”Michel FaberThe Calcutta Chromosome:A Novel of Fevers, Delirium and Discovery.Amitav GhoshCambodia.specific conditions, films, writershuman rights310n38literature about120n62Cameron, Edwin (1953–)151, 152n39Witness to aids (2005)151Campbell, Glen (1936–2017)186n10, 191n24I’ll Be Me (2014)191n24Campo, Rafael (1964–)15Canada100n11, 118n57, 235n7, 334n15, 404, 409n47, 430n79specific conditions, films, writerscancer.specific writersbreast cancer and mastectomy12, 12n24, 15, 50, 199, 200n3, 201n2, 232n3, 432, 440, 441, 444, 459, 468, 476, 523, 525, 526, 528breast reconstruction199, 200, 202, 203n7, 220and literature40, 50n19, 189, 394stigmas against195Cancer Journals.Audre Geraldine LordeCancer Spirit.Yamauchi ReinanCancer Ward.Aleksandr SolzhenitsynCanguilhem, Georges (1904–1995)37n16Le normal et le pathologique (The Normal and the Pathological, 1966)37n16Cara: Growing with a Retarded Child.Martha Moraghan Jablowcardiovascular diseases2, partners/care partnershipsburdens on caregivers14burdens on women468, 469, 481desperation of caregivers300, 460disparities in gender, race among caregivers3n5and gender469, 478home health aides, difficulties faced by469n18and race3, 37n16, 236, 240vs. care partners/care partnerships17, 21, 27, 465, 470, 477, 484, 491, 505, 508, 540, 583vs. family care partners / family care partnerships14n29, 20, 27, 183, 184n5, 460, 470, 471, 473475, 477, 480, 494, 501, 502, 520, 540The Caregiver: A Life with Alzheimer’s.Aaron Alterracaregiver narrative471, 495care partners/care partnerships17, 21, 27, 465, 470, 477, 484, 491, 505, 508, 540, 583family care partners/family care partnershipsCarer469n18, 470n22Cărtărescu, Mircea (1956–)36n14Orbitor: Aripastângă (Blinding: The Left Wing, 1996)36n14A Case of Exploding Mangoes.Mohammet HanifThe Celibacy of Felix Greenspan.Lionel AbrahamsCensorship121, 122n65, 171n59, 274, 290Ceremony.Leslie Marmon Silko“Chanhui.”Tuluhan TuohutiCharon, Rita.narrative medicineChasing Miracles: The Crowley Family Journey of Strength, Hope, and Joy.John CrowleyChatterjee, Bankimchandra (1838–1894)516n45Chauhan, Subhadra Kumari (1904–1948)339n29Chay Yew (1965–)122n65Ten Little Indians (As If He Hears, 1988)122n65Chekov, Anton (1860–1904)514, 515n41“Palata No. 6” (Ward No. 6, 1892)514“Chen Duoshou and His Wife.”Feng MenglongChen Kaige (1952–)266n46Bian Zoubianchang (Walking and Singing at the Same Time, 1991)266n46Chicago.ʿAlāʾ al-AswānīʾChicago Tylenol scandal131Childhood of Jesus (2013)289n9Child of All Nations.Pramoedya Ananta ToerThe Children of the Gods All Dance.Murakami HarukiChile5, 575specific conditions, films, writersChina.specific conditions, films, writersGoddess Nüwa179one-child policy237, 363n62, 363n63and South Africa25, 41, 98, 291n14South AfricaYellow River174, 175Chira.Marjorie Oludhe MacgoyeCho Kun-je (Cho Geun-Jae)56n33chosen family470The Chosen Ones.Steve Sem-Sandbergchronic disease/illness/conditions.specific conditionschronic respiratory disease332diabetes1, 2, 309, 332, 492healing328, 331, 332n9, 345346, 359managementvs. treatment330stigmas against49n18, 103n20Chronicles of a Blood Merchant.Yu HuaChronicle of My Mother.Inoue YasushiChurchill, Winston (1874–1965)18, 133City of the Beasts.Isabel AllendeClark, Brian (1932–)391, 410, 563Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1972, 1978, 1981)391, 410, 563cleft lip/cleft palatein China288n7in South Africa287, 288n7, 291, 292n19Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration.David Wojnarowicz“The Clubhouse.”Duke DubuqueClutha, Nene Janet Paterson (Janet Frame, 1924–2004)Faces in the Water (1961)495n25The Edge of the Alphabet (1962)495n25Coetzee, J.M. (1940–)Age of Iron (1990)260n41, 261n41Childhood of Jesus (2013)289n9Diary of a Bad Year (2007)260n41Disgrace (1999)111, 289n12Dusklands (1974)289n9Elizabeth Costello (2003)111n39, 260n41, 262n44, 303n27“Hitobito no seikatsunihairikomi, nichijō o kanjitotta Nihon hōmon no nishūkan” (Inserting Oneself into the Lives of the Locals, Taking in the Everyday in a Two-Week Visit to Japan, 2008)289n9in Chinese translation289n11, 293, 301, 303, 305In the Heart of the Country (1977)289n9in Japanese translation293, 305in Korean translation289, 293, 305in Malayalam translation289in Tamil translation289in Thai translation289in Urdu translation289Life and Times of Michael K (1983)215n34, 226, 284, 287The Lives of Animals (1999)262n44, 303n27Slow Man (2005)225, 240, 260, 262, 263, 265, 267n47, 268, 282, 284, 287Cold Summer, Hot Summer.Yoshimura AkiraCollard, Cyril (1957–1993)113n44Colombia37n16, 47n12, 404, 430n79specific conditions, films, writerscommunities of care2, 3n5, 4, 6, 8n15, 28, 33, 42, 94, 583comparative literature914compassion15, 26, 32, 40, 52n23, 124, 131, 149, 185, 194, 196, 199229, 234, 239n13, 247, 248n24, 259, 268, 273n58, 278, 281, 307, 310, 353, 378, 406, 427, 440, 462, 463, 465, 472n26, 486n14, 492Compound Pollution.Ariyoshi SawakoConfessions of an aids Victim.Carolyne AdallaConley, Frances K. (1940–)334n14Walking out on the Boys (1998)334n14“Consent.”David B. Axelrodcontraceptionin China363n62in Japan371n74in Korea364n64, 371n74in the United States371n74Contreras, Gonzolo (1958–)575n43“Convalescent.”Han KangCornell, Virginia341n33Doc Susie: The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies (1991)341n33The Count of Monte-Cristo.Alexandre Dumas, pèreThe Country Doctor.Honoré de BalzacA Country Doctor.Sarah Orne JewettA Country Doctor.Franz Kafka“The Country of the Blind.”H.G. WellsCowart, Donald Herbert (Dax Cowart, 1947–2019)413n53Cox, Elizabeth125n71, 149n33Thanksgiving: An aids Journal (1990)125n71, 149n33Crohn’s disease1, 17n33Crowley, John (1967–)437n87Chasing Miracles: The Crowley Family Journey of Strength, Hope, and Joy (2010)437n87Cruzan, Nancy (1957–1990)399n26Csáth, Géza (József Brenner, 1887–1919)238n12“The Surgeon”238n12Cuba15n31, 113n44, 450specific conditions, films, writerscultural competence/cultural sensitivity211, 212n27, 213cultural humility210218cureconundrums of391, 436438functional cure436n86imperative of37, 38n17obsession with438, 442, 444sterilizing cure436n86vs. care251vs. management219, 392The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million–And Bucked the Medical Establishment–In a Quest to Save His Children (2006).Geeta Anandcuringvs. healing215, 362372The Curse, Bhutan Epilepsy Project (2014)212n27Cutting for Stone.Abraham Verghesecystic fibrosis551n17Dabbu Bhale Jabbu (1992)473Dad’s Not All There Anymore.Alex DemetrisD’Amato, Alfonse (1937–)200n2Daniels, Maja193n29“Into Oblivion” (2015)193n29Danticat, Edwidge (1969–)18The Art of Death: Writing the Final Story (2017)1718D’Arblay, Frances (1752–1840, née Frances Burney)440n95, 441n96Dar es Salaam by Night.Ben MtobwaDavalu or Pain.Rafael Argullol MurgadasDawn of Reality.Sekundu MorganDawn of the Dead.George RomeroDawood, Yusuf (1928?–)116n51Water under the Bridge (1991)116n51Dax’s Case (1984)413n53Dayan, Moishe (1915–1981)201Day of the Dead.George RomeroDear Ramon, A Testimony of Love.Ramona Maniero“Dear World.”Paula Gunn Allendeath-affirming544“Death from aids.”Clemence MerinyoDeath Fugue.Sheng Keyi“The Death of Ivan Ilyich.”Leo Tolstoy“Death without Dignity.”Annabelle GurwitchDe Baggio, Thomas (1942–2011)190n21Losing My Mind: An Intimate Look at Life with Alzheimer’s (2002)190n21de Beauvoir, Simone (1908–1986)233n5, 505n33Une mort trèsdouce (A Very Easy Death, 1964)233n5, 505n33de Klerk, F.W. (1936–)154dementia.Alzheimer’s diseasedementia villages186in Japan184n4, 185n8, 469n19, 481, 482in literature42in the United States186n9, 191n23, 389n5, 498Lewy body dementia222n51, 435statistics465, 499stigmas against185n8Demetris, Alex435n84Dad’s Not All There Anymore (2015)435n84Denmark620, 649specific conditions, films, writersdental care236n10Desai, Kishwar (1956–)238n11review of Malgudi Days516, 517Witness the Night (2009)238n11The Destiny of Me.Larry Kramerde Veuster, Father Damien (1840–1889)50De Vita, Vincent T. (1935–)386389After Fifty Years on the Front Lines of Medicine, A Pioneering Oncologist Reveals Why the War on Cancer Is Winnable-and How We Can Get There (2015)386diabetes1, 2, 160n46, 309, 330n5, 332, 492, 551n17Diary of a Bad Year.J.M. Coetzee“Diary of a Madman.”Lu Xun; Nikolai Vasilievich GogolDidion, Joan (1934–)473The Year of Magical Thinking (2004)473The Year of Magical Thinking: The Play (2007)473disability3n5, 5n10, 18, 25, 32, 35n14, 36, 38n16, 38n17, 52, 171n58, 256n36, 261, 266n46, 287, 288n7, 291, 311n39, 364n64, 403, 408n46, 414, 466n13disability studies261n42disclosure/medical truth-telling27, 156, 421n62, 480, 503n31, 504n31, 504n32, 505n32, 506n34discrimination32, 34n8, 39n20, 43, 44n6, 50n19, 52, 54, 55n33, 58, 59, 70, 82, 97, 116, 119, 120, 127, 142, 149, 150, 155, 191n23, 195, 261, 291, 335, 415n54disease and illness/disease vs. illness5, 83n78, 209Disgrace.J.M. 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