In: At the Margins of Academia
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  1. 1.When and to what aim did you sign the Academics for Peace Petition?
  2. 2.What happened in the aftermath?
  3. 3.How and why did you decide to emigrate?
  4. 4.How long do you plan to stay abroad? What should happen for you to decide to return to Turkey?
  5. 5.What does your life and daily routine in Germany mainly consist of?
  6. 6.What are your primary professional and political priorities at the present? How and to what extent do you manage to work on them? Do you feel satisfied with your performance regarding these priorities? Why, if not? What are the main obstacles you face?
  7. 7.Do you feel a sort of dividedness between practical duties regarding the maintenance of the daily life and the efforts needed to reach higher political aims and responsibilities?
  8. 8.How would you describe your current status (exile, guest researcher, political refugee, migrant)? Does your new status and self-perception lead to a renewed sense of motivation or rather to despair?
  9. 9.What are the main challenges of this new situation you find yourself in?
  10. 10.How did this process you’ve been through affect your opinion regarding your academic career in particular, and your feelings toward academia in general?
  11. 11.Would you rather wish that none of this had happened and everything went on the way it was?
  12. 12.What was your initial motivation for starting an academic career? To what extent would you say that your vision of academia has been confirmed by the reality?
  13. 13.Would you go back and pick it all up where you left off, if the situation in Turkey would change for the better someday?
  14. 14.To what extent are the current happenings in Turkey specific to the Turkish society? Would you describe them as isolated or conjunctural phenomena?
  15. 15.What do you think of the existing counter-institutional initiatives in the academia, such as the Solidarity Academies in Turkey? What are their shortages?
  16. 16.What does it mean for you to be an academic? To what extent is it tied to being an instructor at the university? Could you imagine pursuing your intellectual/academic interests without being institutionally affiliated? If yes, how? If no, why?
  17. 17.Do you rather feel depraved or emancipated and empowered in your current, de-institutionalized situation?
  18. 18.Do you have any fears/concerns/anxieties/sorrows regarding your current situation and/or your future? Do you feel stifled by them?
  19. 19.In which moments and situations do you feel more empowered and capable?
  20. 20.As an Academic for Peace, do you feel as a part of a political movement? Do you feel any responsibility towards a collectivity?

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