Chapter 12 Navigating APSA Research from a Global Studies Perspective

In: Researching the Inner Life of the African Peace and Security Architecture
Authors: Linnéa Gelot and Ulf Engel

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This chapter sketches a possible way of integrating different approaches to the study of APSA into one field of enquiry, namely global studies. This offers a meaningful heuristic, both in terms of epistemology and methodological implications. First, the chapter appraises of the conceptual contributions that the authors of this edited collection have developed. For analytical reasons, this is organised along a focus on actors, practices, and narratives. Second, the chapter discusses how a specific version of global studies – developed since the beginning of this century mainly in the field of academic teaching – values and draws together the plurality of these proposals. Third, the chapter recapitulates the innovative methods for the study of APSA, introduced in the chapters of this edited volume. Finally, it proposes four overarching methodological considerations that are central to the field of global studies: comparison, historicity, reflexivity, and engagement.