Chapter 9 Quelques Différences entre le Cratyle et le Sophiste

In: Plato’s Cratylus
Frédérique Ildefonse
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In this contribution I seek to propose an approach to certain aspects of the Cratylus by combining two paths: an approach to the Cratylus by way of the Sophist, and an approach, enlightened by Stoicism, that considers what each one of the dialogues develops. I do not propose to consider what the Cratylus anticipates in the Sophist in terms of language study, but rather how the Sophist will shift the terms of the investigation of the name, specific to the Cratylus. By reading the Cratylus closely, one can better see what operations the Stranger carries out in the Sophist: on truth, on the relationship between legein and logos, on logos and its parts, as well as on the interlacing between the question of truth and the distinction between legein and logos, as well as on the interlacing between the question of truth and the relation between logos and its parts. I also propose to read some aspects of the Cratylus and the Sophist in light of Stoicism, which, for these dialogues as for others, sheds a particular light on the Platonic issues, but also allows us to understand the genesis of the Stoic concepts that arise, many of which emerge from a certain reading of Platonism.

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