11 Approaching Civil Society under Construction: Protestant Churches in China in 2010, Responsibility and Introspection

In: Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2015


This paper is based on a review of the work and various activities of Protestant churches in China, in order to understand the efforts that are being made by them to approach a civil society under construction. This entire paper can be divided into six parts: I. Chinese civil society under Construction and functional orientation of Protestant churches in China; II. Specific approaches to a civil society: social service and social care; III. Foundation of approaching a civil society: theology and church organizations construction; IV. International vision required for approaching a civil society: promotion of overseas exchange; V. Sustaining motive power of approaching a civil society: self-cognition and introspection; VI. Conclusion. This paper holds that the “factors of civil society” that Protestant churches in China contain have presented themselves in various ways in recent years. This is a good foundation for Protestantism in China to engage in the construction of civil society, providing contributions for a harmonious society.