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Cover illustration: “Woodland Path” (detail), engraving by Gaston Vuillier, in Prince Henri d’Orléans, From Tonkin to India by the Sources of the Irawadi, January ’95–January ’96 (London: Methuen, 1898).

Spine/background: Guangxu yuanbao silver dollar from Yunnan, 1907, at 7 mace 2 candareens, from Zhang Huixin (ed.), Zhongguo huobi shihua (Zhonghe, Taiwan: Taiyang chubanshe, 1993).

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Names: Theobald, Ulrich, editor. | Cao, Jin, 1982-editor.

Title: Southwest China in a regional and global perspective (c. 1600–1911) : metals, transport, trade and society / edited by Ulrich Theobald and  Cao Jin.

Description: Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2018] | Series: Monies, markets, and  finance in East Asia, 1600–1900, issn 2210-2876 ; Volume 9 | Includes  bibliographical references and index.|

Identifiers: lccn 2017051166 (print) | lccn 2017054234 (ebook) | isbn 9789004353718 (E-book) | isbn 9789004353633 (hardback : alk. paper)

Subjects: lcsh: China, Southwest—Economic conditions. | China,  Southwest—Social conditions. | China, Southwest—Commerce—History. |  Finance—China, Southwest—History.

Classification: lcc hc427.7 (ebook) | lcc hc427.7 .s68 2018 (print) | ddc 330.951/303—dc23

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issn 2210-2876

isbn 978-90-04-35363-3 (hardback)

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