The Ellstorp Lot: An Undefined Urban Landscape

Architecture and Control


Since the 1990s, Malmö’s Lot 30:40, situated near the railroad, has been left in a state of decay. Formerly an area with allotment gardens owned by railroad employees, this is now a disused field, with a scattering of fruit trees harking back to the now-vanished allotments. The site is occasionally maintained by its owner, Jernhusen AB, but is left largely unmanaged and unscrutinised. The site appears as a mix between terrain vague and overgrown garden, but is used by city residents as a recreational area. Sometimes homeless people set up tents and cook there, but this exceeds the limits of what the owners will abide, and the temporary homeless residents are made to leave. The area is in a state that defies usual descriptions and thus offers an urban space in which activities are not defined in advance. Malmö’s Lot 30:40 can be seen as existing in a fluid state since it has not yet taken definite shape, yet with its disordered state, it simultaneously offers some relief as a space that defies change and embraces the disordered.


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