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Marek Hetmański

Minimal Expressivism and the Meaning of Practical Rationality 1

María José Frápolli and Neftalí Villanueva

Group Decision Making as Rational Undertaking: Rationality Attributed or Described? 23

Marek Hetmański

It Takes Effort to be (Collectively) Rational: Group as a Reasoning Agent 54

Barbara Trybulec

Seeing What a “Science of Rationality” Founders on (with a Little Help from Donald Davidson) 71

Sofia Miguens and João Alberto Pinto

Soft Rationality and Reticulated Universality. Reflecting on the Debate between R. Rorty and H. Putnam 93

Ángeles J. Perona

From Volleying to Distributed Embodied Rationality 119

Manuel de Pinedo

Psychology and the Norms of Rationality 139

Rui Sampaio da Silva

Inferentialism, Rationality, and Value-driven Epistemology 163

Jesús Zamora-Bonilla

Rational Decisions and Wise Decisions: Two Names for the Same Thing? 181

Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik

The Means-End Rationality and Constitutive Elements of Action 194

Monika Walczak

Moral Conditions for Methodologically Rational Decisions 209

Jan Franciszek Jacko

Cognition and Rationality: Writing Straight with Crooked Lines? 224

António Zilhão

When being Right is Not Good Enough: How Systematic Cognitive Biases Affect Decision Making Strategies 240

Marcin Rządeczka

Heuristics: Daniel Kahneman vs Gerd Gigerenzer 253

Anna Wójtowicz and Jan Winkowski

Rationality and Psychological Accuracy of Risky Choice Models Based on Option- vs. Dimension-wise Evaluation 278

Joanna Sokołowska

Rationality in the Material World 296

Marcin Trybulec

Neurath’s Decisionism and the Earliest Reviews of Logical Empiricism 314

Artur Koterski

From Pure Reason to Vital Reason: A Few Remarks on Ratiovitalism by José Ortega y Gasset 337

Krzysztof Polit

Index 353