In: Intervening Spaces
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ContentsNotes on Contributors VIIIntroduction 1Nycole ProwseReconceptualising the Body: Interventions on the Body that Enact RespatialisationPossibilities from the Peripheries: Time, Space and the Body in the Australian Drug Writing of Helen Garner and Luke Davies 9Nycole ProwseRespatialising the Body: The Ontologically In-between Subject in Orlan’s Body of Work 37Burcu BaykanCorporeal Interventions and the Contemporary Sounds of Keening 60Michelle CollinsIn Search of a Relational Body: Reflections on Sustainable Architecture 80Katsuhiko MuramotoBodily Interventions on Material SpacesPublic Space Design between Alienation and Appropriation: The Case of Parkour 101Shelley Smith and Nicolai SteinøThe Urban Challenge of Participation through Theatre in Rio 118Ana Carolina Lima e FerreiraNew Interventions in Public Space: Spatial Readings through Art and Architectural Installations 132İklim Topaloğlu and Pelin Dursun ÇebiSelf-Organised Citizens’ Groups and Urban Space: Challenges in Planning Paradigm 156Katerina MojanchevskaTemporariness: Artistic Interventions on Space and the Process of BecomingPerpetual Transitions: A Communication between Photography and Absence within the Spatial Experience of the Ruin 179Clementine MonroColonial and Gothic Dissonance: Tracing Desire Lines through Postcolonial Landscape 202Christobel KellySpacing by Trace: Four Events of an Out of Place Experience 220Anthi KosmaIndex 237