Uroptychus michaeli (Decapoda, Chirostylidae), a new species of deep-water squat lobster from north-western Australia and Taiwan

Studies on Decapoda and Copepoda in Memory of Michael Türkay


Uroptychus michaeli sp. nov. is described from northwestern Australia and Taiwan. The new species closely resembles U. nigricapillis, to which northwestern Australian and some Taiwanese records had been previously referred. Uroptychus michaeli sp. nov. is readily distinguished from U. nigricapillis by the deeply excavate cervical groove on the carapace (versus shallow, weakly indicated), more elongate pereopods 2-4 in which the pereopod 2 merus is longer than the postorbital carapace length (versus shorter), and the proportionally longer pereopod 2 carpus, which is as long as or longer than half postorbital carapace length (versus less than half) and approximately twice the length of the dactylus (versus 1.2× or less).


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