Commitment to Develop Appreciative Relationships in School

Nonviolent Communication as an Approach to Specify a Facet of Teacher Ethos

in Professionals’ Ethos and Education for Responsibility
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Research showed that teachers differ in their ethos and also in their professional values. One important set of values points to appreciating relationships or social climate in school which both are essential preconditions for learning. Hence, it is a teacher’s task to address this set of values. This paper refers to Rosenberg’s concept of nonviolent communication as a facet of teacher ethos that focuses on teachers’ commitment to foster appreciative relationships and on teachers’ competence to nurture appreciative relationships in school. Rosenberg’s concept opens perspectives to specify values and attitudes for and methods fruitful to implement communication at eye level. Ethos in that sense stresses that it is not enough to care for the students only. Moreover, for the teachers, it is necessary to balance the students’ and their own needs to stay healthy and to be able to build sustainable appreciating relationships.