1. 5.1The needs-based model of reconciliation 80
  2. 9.1Brubaker’s triadic nexus and the minority parties 151
  3. 9.2The evolution of funding from the kin-state and cultural subsidies in Romania 175
  4. 9.3The evolution of funding from the kin-state and cultural subsidies in Slovakia 176
  5. 10.1In your opinion how can relations between Romanians and Hungarians be characterized? (national samples, 2001–2016) 204
  6. 10.2In your opinion minorities in Romania have … (national samples, 2000–2014) 205
  7. 10.3Do you or would you support allowing Hungarians in Romania to enjoy the following rights? Proportion of affirmative/positive answers (national sample, Romanians, 1995, 1996, 2012, 2014, 2016) 206
  8. 10.4The Hungarian state offers citizenship to Hungarians living in neighbouring countries. As a consequence many Transylvanian Hungarians have applied for and obtained Hungarian citizenship. Do you support this? (Transylvanian Hungarian sample) 213
  9. 10.5Did you apply for Hungarian citizenship? (Transylvanian Hungarian sample) 214
  10. 10.6Do you agree with the following? (national sample, Romanians) 222
  11. 10.7The Hungarian state has made it possible for Hungarians living in neighbouring countries to obtain Hungarian citizenship. In the wake of this change, many Hungarians in Romania have become Hungarian citizens. Do you agree that Hungarians living in Romania should be entitled to obtain Hungarian citizenship? (national sample, Romanians) 223
  12. 10.8Do you agree with the following statements? (national sample, Romanians) 225


  1. 10.1Minority strategies and potential external homeland support 196
  2. 10.2Stereotypes concerning Hungarians (national sample, 2014) 203
  3. 10.3Acceptance of Hungarian-language education and territorial autonomy among Romanians in Romania (2000, 2001, 2002) 208
  4. 10.4Number of Romanian immigrants in the main recipient countries 220
  5. 10.5Do you think that every Romanian citizen should … (national sample, 2014) 228
  6. 10.A1Factors affecting the acceptance of different types of minority rights, ethno-political claims, and kin-state policy measures among ethnic Romanians (2014) 231
  7. 11.A1Participation of the minorities in the annual conferences of the Congress (1925–1938) 278
  8. 11.A2The members of the Steering Committee 281

Populism, Memory and Minority Rights

Central and Eastern European Issues in Global Perspective


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